Life is a game-changer

There’s a time in life when things change the name of the game. A game that came with no set of rules, except to get to the far reaches of the universe to a place where most people nowadays don’t really think much in terms of getting there. Not by rocket nor by Battlestar Galactica or the Starship Enterprise nor the International Space Station.

Getting there takes a whole new demise, a demise that calls for the ultimate powers of a heavenly being or body, i.e., getting to the magic kingdom, no, not the one that is an amusement park in California, the one we call heaven – yes, that one, the one that our heavenly father built upon his promise to those who’ve been given life on Earth.

The game ultimately changed the name of the game for the second time in a year, since my Mother passed away last year. Last week, life changed, once again for my entire family. The dreams and visions once again shattered to threads of glass and rivers of tears took the battle of one of my beloved Cousins to an unexpected twist in our daily lives, he passed away peacefully in his sleep, he was 48.

His dreams of watching his two young daughters grow up to be genuine young women later in life shattered their dreams of watching their father become a grandfather to their own children as they become mature adults as they get older later in life.

The devastating loss of their father becomes a reality of trying to understand the true meaning of life, as they continue to grow up without a father they can once count on, as he and his brothers did after my late Uncle passed away at an age where my cousins tried to understand exact meaning of life decades before them.

“Life is a tough game to play, you win or lose,” as we often listen to our hearts in times of grief and family loss.

As we grow older in our daily lives, we can hold the strong bonds to those lives we’ve touched and to those that have passed on and to take care of each other and share those strengths to keep us going as we continue to walk our daily path of life until it’s time to be called home.

You are not forgotten, Andrew, you’ll always be close in our hearts and memories as we grow older and cherish the memories we’ve shared together, when our time comes, we’ll be together again as we promised in our hearts!

EDITOR’s Note:

This blog article is dedicated to my beloved cousin Andrew of 47 years, who peacefully passed away in his sleep last week, he leaves behind a loving family and two beautiful daughters he loved so very much and were the most cherished and honored gifts of his life.


A year has passed

02eb88b3f0f76540cc223c13acc6688f As we start the fall months and enter the month of October where ghouls and goblins will hit the streets at the end of the month on October 31st, I begin a new life once again. This time – I’m back on my own after living three years with a friend from high school since my move from the Pacific Northwest in late 2016.

With another chapter written into my adulthood, I can’t remember which chapter is being written anymore? Evidently, I’ve lost count as I’ve already seen the James Caan, Marcia Mason movie, “Chapter Two” a zillion times again and again – “geez Louise, where has the time gone after all these years?”

It was just a matter of time before the realities of life settled in, two years after I left home for the second time in life. It came with an unexpected twist with the passing of my Mother, last fall. It wasn’t something that was planned from the beginning, it was something that was planned by God himself – “a testament of reality, that suddenly turned the tables on mine and my family’s life.”

“A bummer,” I should say – but a testimonial of one’s patience with life and reality. Suddenly an essence. The agony that tested the wills of life and that of my family, I endured more questions than answers, which never really solved the true myths of gathering the answer, “why?”

To this very day, the puzzle still remains a mystery to a point, where I may never know the real answer, except to what was on her final thoughts and the final wishes she had on her bucket list before her ultimate passing to another realm called, Heaven.

When I started writing this story in early September of last month, things were looking pretty gloomy in the weather forecast of life. I stumbled among the great waves of thought trying to figure out, where I stood and in my journey with Cancer – even though the battle continues and the riddles of life are still being written, as life continues daily.

I’ve yet to see the calm of the storm, as I feel the ocean breezes swirling down among the Great Lakes, which evidently makes your thoughts travel afar and bringing the greatest joys of life, each and every day as I continue to cherish life into my middle ages. I couldn’t have been much happier nor overwhelmed than I have ever been in my entire life. I’m blessed to still be here enjoying life’s greatest journeys as I once again venture into life on my own, away from home, family, and friends in the Pacific Northwest, the journey just never stops does it?

Thinking of just that as the journey continues, maybe it’s time for one of those great tasting cigars? I know, I know, I shouldn’t be smoking with stupid cancer, but hey having of those rolled-up tobacco sticks sounds like a refreshing taste that I can use from time to time. Perhaps my friends back home can send me some awesome cigar care packages? Hint, hint guys!

Until next time, that’s a wrap for this edition. Be safe, safe drive safely and be good to each other. Adios.

Ten years of blogging

02eb88b3f0f76540cc223c13acc6688f     Ten Years ago today, I started blogging on, after jumping ship from Blogger to WordPress. I actually started blogging as early as 2007, shortly after I had my Cochlear Implant surgery that very same year.

Using the digital platform has completely changed the way I write and blog in today’s digital media world, then I when I first started writing back in 1986, shortly after leaving high school a few years earlier. With over three-hundred plus blog written to my name since, the first blog I ever wrote in the early 1990s, it has been a tremendous ride since that very first day I started blogging on the internet.

I remember when I first started blogging, the term “blogging” was still relatively “new” at the time to most writers and their potential readers and followers that would follow in the years and months to come.  It became a writing platform for just about every type of writer there is and changed and the way the writing community writes to a whole new perspective means in the world of writing and digital media.

desk2     I remember people asking me what is “blogging?” The simplest answer, I could give them at the time was – “it’s more of a platform for those to express their minds and more, as for some writer’s like myself and it’s more of column style platform, in the form writing your own personal newspaper type column, without the hefty deadlines from the norms of a newspaper or magazine editor in the forms of racing against time to get the piece written, polished out to the world in a more timely manner than what it would take using the said platforms of other print and digital media outlets,” it was simple and to the point.

While going to college, I recall my journalism instructor telling me and my fellow classmates in our journalism classes that, the digital media platform will logically become the medium of choice among writers, editors, news outlets and more as the medium grows into the future. Evidently, he was right by the time, the blogging platform and digital media took the world by storm.

Writing digitally started becoming the norm into the 1990s and gained traction into the turn of the 21st Century, as we now know it in today’s digital media world into the 2000s.

As blogging continues to grow among today’s digital world, the question is often asked, “how do I see the medium today as the twenty-first century continues to grow and well defined into the future? There’s no simple answer, other than, it is here to stay – even though I’ve been writing since 1986 after I took my first freelance writing class with some well-defined knowledge journalism, while in college in the early 1990s.

Ideally, I believe the blogging platform will remain for years to come as it is a way for writers to express themselves and get their style of writing content out faster than ever before than going the traditional routes and means of going through editorial letters via snail mail, email or other means of communication between writer and editor and vice versa and more, all while cutting down on editorial and publishing times on the writer’s time and money for all to be seen until someone until come career professional nabs their next start writer in the various means and platforms in today’s print, television and digital media outlets.

cropped-underwood_typewriter1.jpg    Over the past ten years, it has been a great run to see folks are reading and liking of what is being posted and published on this blog – ultimately, I never dreamed I would get this far into the decade of publishing blogs to my own site and for all to endure its something of an enjoyment to see and fulfill, all while giving not only writers time to write and publish their own content and style of writing, while following other bloggers the like and read for insight and innovations.

There is an old saying from the movie, “Throw Mama From The Train,” where Billy Crystal’s character Professor Tyler says to his class as the bell rings, “remember class, a writer write’s – always!” as the class begins to leave the classroom.

It is definitely the moto and rings true nowadays! I hope everyone has a great day, evening or night depending on where in the world your reading this blog from, remember, “a writer writes always,” and don’t forget to like, “share and follow your favorite bloggers on the various blogospheres platforms including this blog for future content and more.

Be safe everyone.

Writer’s fatigue, not Writer’s block

After staring at a blank page all day and into the night trying to find the most sensible way to start this blog post was to at least cave into writer’s fatigue – so here’s what I came up with at least for now;

“Ok. That’s it – no more non-sensible shit! Thank you and Good Night…!”.

So there you have it, folks…!

Encounter with life?

I often ask myself this question? “What is the encounter with life – is there an adjustment bureau to living life?” I’m talking about something like a Will Smith – Tommy Lee Jones “Men In Black” movie sequel – where life, in general, is not an alien world nor is it meant to be?

I recently met a Uber driver who reminded me, that the encounters in life today is a complete opposite of life and the sense of technologies of the past, which is so much different than the technology we now have at our disposal in today’s working world.

Remembrance of childhood’s, past there is often times of the many wildest wishes that we could always be kids forever. I remember telling myself many years ago, “I’d wish I wake up tomorrow and see that this was all a dream and that my childhood was wildly still intact as I once remembered some thirty to forty years ago, as I now stand in my middle ages of life.

Suddenly, I creep to think to live is a nightingale – a fairy tale of sorts? A story that was meant to be told from childhood to adulthood and back to childhood as we would once wake up to the sense of a scene in the now-canceled CBS Television comedy series, “Newhart,” where the late comedian Bob Newhart would wake up from a dream in his old 1970’s television series, “The Bob Newhart Show,” thinking is life was a wacky double insane comedy slapstick in his futuristic “Newhart” television series during the early 1980s.

Childhood carnage is like the mayhem of life. Something that isn’t easy nor simple to achieve unless you’ve mastered them to the highest levels of success. Dreams may only be an escapade of them all, but likely a virtual reality neither fact nor fiction, only one can be the truthful answer to he rightful answer of them all. There are nights when I’m afraid to go to bed at night and wake up the next morning only to see that I’m still stuck in my adult life rather than that of my childhood past.

What has become of the past, present, and future generations of life? Our lives are written as we witness them as we live our lives on Earth. No matter how you view it from the beginning, I was always told, “your life is how you witness the past, present, and future generations to come.” Perhaps, that is true? My late-grandfather always told me, “we sense to live one life and only one life, no matter how you view the fictions of life, to begin with – its always practical wisdom to cherish the future as we see it today.”

…To me, it bears the fruit of life. The

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