Graduation gone wrong!

Graduating for High School is supposed to be a time of dedication and hard work, but once you’ve finished you’ve earned the hard work and your diploma – one young man found out the hard way, that walking across the stage and blowing a beloved kiss across the stage to his mother who sits filming the scene during her son’s graduation is in all disbelief that her son did not get his high school diploma on graduation day.

Here is a link to the news clip to the young man’s story.

Graduating is supposed to be fun and rewarding, but, where was the principals common sense in this story? And, what the hell was she thinking? OMG, not in my 25 years of post high school graduation have I ever heard of such a raccoon twitter ever denying someone their high school diploma because he or she walked across the stage and blew is mother and family a kiss from afar and only to be humiliated in front of his fellow classmates and everyone else that was present there at the graduation as well.

Common sense tells me this principal needs a spanking in the twats for miss behaving herself! At least the school board should fire her and suspend her without pay for merits and grounds of denying students their high school diploma. I wouldn’t be too surprised, if the graduation class went en mass and showed support for the misdeeds done, by the principal.

Lets hope the media gets on her case and she better hope to have a good explanation of why she was a witch to this young man and his fellow students.

Its only common sense and time will tell.

So, now tell me was this disruptive behavior or was this an over-reaction by the schools principal and school district policies? Readers please take the pool!


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