A taste of middle age

Middle aged crazy? What’s a guy like me with a Cochlear Implant, ok, a bionic ear have to do with being middle aged?

Crazy enough to challenge the souls of life as I see it today, compared to what life was like 44 years ago in my past.

The future today, isn’t what I had dreamed it would be today, compared in a lifetime.

“Wait a minute?”, your starting to sound like a one of those crazy sleazy Dave Berry types! Shall, I conquer?  – Not a chance.

I wonder why life has become such a melodrama of its own without the serial reruns? Perhaps, Dave Berry would’ve agreed? Probably not, after fetching sexual jokes about David Letterman and Sara Palin’s 14 year old daughter. Life would never be the same on Television – in fact, the mad cappin beef may have been the hurdle turtle on Dave’s overture to take over the “Tonight Show”  from Jay Leno.

“Ding”, the sounds of the bell ring to start the fight for late night ratings.

Speaking of late night – the late Johhny Carson was an icon of his own time and demeanor, but he was human, just like you and me, middle aged, always a crackpot of first class jokes, always brought in the rich and famous.  Maybe that’s why Jack Parr was so famous at the same time in the 1950’s, before Carson came around?

“Ding”, round two.

Whatever one’s middle age? Life, is always the same and the story is different than one can tell, depending on whom you ask. Maybe that’s why, I celebrate my 44th birthday today, as life is always full of stories to tell, especially to the kids as they grow up.

“Ding, round three!” – say, this a fight or what?

“Uh no, you must be in a post Twitter world, right?”, well…..

Like I said, life has its drama – perhaps the 40’s seem better than the 50’s? Perhaps this is the taste of one’s middle age drama, minus Dave Berry.

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