America Celebrates

The birth of our country has proven that we have done the most righteous things in life for the past 233 years, since the founding fathers of our declaration of Independence penned the great document of our birth. It is said, that freedom comes with a price, a price we all have to pay in order to make our ideals of freedom a safer bet, than not.

“Wars and politics aren’t the worth cause of political bickering, but of ones natural endurance of make a point – Collateral damage on the other hand is a another story for another time and place”.

Politics are the pivots of the game. No wonder why those in Washington are elected each year to speak and voice their concerns among those that have the legal right to vote our men and women to Capital Hill. Public service is what it is called, but the freedoms and ideals that come from the “Hill” are the one’s that make the transition from hometown hero to national hero in a matter of seconds of winning an election.

Make life a little simple, Huh? But, sure is a crappy way to get the job done! It’s only common sense and America deserves better.


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