To fair or not to fair?

This week my local county fair starts – the General Admission price for an Adult is $9.00, $6.00 for kids 6-15 and for Seniors 65 and over. But once you get to the concert part for enterainment the show prices are outrages for a fair of this size $20 for Tuesday night’s show to see country singer Roy Clark, the following the Foreigner group shows up and the tickets are a whopping $30 bucks!

Ouch…., now, no wonder why mama always wonder who made these outrages prices!

Than a fre concert Thursday night and two more high priced shows on Friday and Saturday night’s. All of the above are priced seperately along with the cost of the fair’s general admission – now, talk about wasting all mom and dad’s food money just to see some bands play for outrages prices. Whatever happen to the good ‘ol days when entertainment used to be FREE when you paid your general admission to the fair to see all, including the rides and shows?

One has to go great lengths in today’s fair board to out spend those whom wish to pay outrages prices for a county fair and its entertainment shows – as my late grandfather once said, “a fair board that charge outragely priced tickets, one doesn’t belong in the county fair business”. My vote – TWO THUMBS down!


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