Emeralds move to PK Park – a right move?

Civic Stadium Eugene, Or
Civic Stadium Eugene, Or
When it comes to minor league baseball, a baseball stadium is a home for a lifetime. But, when it comes to four decades since, opening day in 1938 – the Emeralds and the San Diego Pardres have parted ways with the Eugene 4J School District after 4J obligated not to improve the stadium to a plan for a $15 million dollar upgrade.

In a press conference at Civic Stadium yesterday, which has been the home of the Eugene Emeralds since the boy’s came to town 1938, have longed asked for upgrades that would have kept the Emeralds at Civic Stadium for ages longer, than a shiny new $20 million stadium that lacks a locker room’s for both the visiting teams and umpires in the league.

In a recent Register Guard poll 26% percent of the readers said yes for the move to Phil Knight Park, 68% percent of those polled said – NO.

The Emerald’s President should hear loud and clear that fans are cherished to Civic’s prime and homestead after four decades.

What really intrigues me most about the press conference is that the locker rooms for the visitors and ump’s won’t be ready until the 2011 baseball season. The Ems expect to start playing next year at the start of the 201o season, just how many fans of Emerald’s basesball would cherish and buy season tickets for next year’s baseball season at PK Park?

It seems that the Eugene School District has snubbed their noses in not doing repairs to Civic Stadium to make room for some high rise apartment building in future development, where the they could recoup the expenses of getting some much needed money in their coffers for school programs, despite what many say – the school district is simply kicking the Ems out of Civic Stadium for the money.

Fans may rejoice or they may go elsewhere for their prime in baseball, there’s always the meaning of hoping a train and watch the Oakland A’s or the San Franscisco Giants whip out the lucky stars against the Seattle Mariners in Seattle. Whatever the will of the fans will be next season – Beban could hope the fans will rejoice and join the Ems at PK Park.

The loss of the Emeralds to Auzten Stadium and Phil Knight Park is likely to cause a “Ghost Town effect” at Civic Stadium and a 20 year haunting on Beban and the Emeralds decision for the move – guess, I’ll be joining the boy’s of summer at 7:05 pm next season as the lone spectator behind home plate at Civic Stadium with my ghost friends of baseballs past.


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