Jon Gosselin seems to be in the spotlight alot lately.

He took over $200,000 from the joint bank account that he shares with his wife Kate. Than he was ordered by the court to return the $280K he took from the account without Kates knowoledge – than, he went on the media blitz, pissing off his lawyers and further complicating his luck in swindlle his future “EX” wife out of money and nothing to fend to survive on with her 8 kids.

The Paparrazi kept their very tabs on Gosselin’s move’s, while Kate was back fending and taking care of the kids.

Gosselin in my opinion ain’t no Husband to Kate, any man that steals money from their joint bank account and leaving their wife with $1,000 and 8 kids behind has got a really big butt problem – Secondly, Jon went on the lam with a so called girlfriend, that say’s she “respects” him? Give me a break lady, this ain’t the man for you!

He’s a cheat, liar and thief and finally, he ain’t even a father to his kids either, he’s always looking to be in the limelight and never out of the spotlight either!

Jon Gosselin indeeds needs a life!


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