Does Home Depot Discriminate employees?

With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, one young mans belief in “One nation under God, indivisable” and reading the bible while on his break, would literally get him fired.

What has happened to this country? First, we have the first African American President in the White House,  a former First Lady as Secretary of State, a radio talk show host with a vandetta of his own against the Presidency and now finally – an American company with an all out agenda for Censorship.

Home Depot fired a 20 year old Florida man last week for a button that read, “one nation under god, indivisable”, while his brother is getting ready to be shipped out to war overseas to Afghanistan, however the buck didn’t stop there either, they also fired him for reading his “Bible”, while on his break.

Censorship seems to be everywhere you go these days, many can thank the former Bush Administration surrounding the work around such endeavors.

Firing someone for the expression of patriotism and freedom of speech, including one’s belief in religion seems to be the grounds for discrimination in just about everyone who has a strong belief, that, as a nation, we can trust God and be indivisible and express our freedoms how we see fit.

Home Depot in my opinion needs to change its business name to mission discrimanator and bring forth a policy that management should never judge those for their beliefs and expressions, even if they wear a button that says – smile I’m George Bush.


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