The thinking era

It only becomes sensible when it comes to think. The art of thinking is so common that we do it everyday, every minute and every second – how amazing is that?

When we write, we blog. When we think, we write and blog. That’s reasonable and its common sense. Some would think the world is a crazy place to be, its also a dangerous as the 21st Century gets underway.  We’ve probably seen more than we have since the war started and 9/11. We’ve probably thought the administration was the unthinkable during the Bush years in the White House. Some thought they were the “Untouchables” in the way the late Elliot Ness may have put it in his own words during the Prohibition Era.

Ten years laters – its a new era with a new kind of President who’s very much like Ness himself. He’s tough, he’s untouchable, fast and furious, that war is not the answer to a crisis or a meltdown of what now looks like a repeat of the 1920’s in the new century and era.

Cultures have changed over the years, the space program is about to be shuttered to private companies in the private sector, as missions and space flight would get more costly. The NASA Shuttle Program is about to become an icon in history of its own demise with no known bird to fly manned missions to the International Space Station, two hundred miles above the earth.

Generations of baby boomers have kept the world thinking for generations. I often ask myself – “what is the world coming too in my generation and lifetime?”, I’ve lived through last foundations of history of the last century from Vietnam, to the resignation of Richard Nixon, to seeing peace being made between Israel and Egypt during the Carter years, the first Gulf war and Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

Not to forget the Clinton years, the taking of the Tonight Show from Johnny Carson to Jay Leno and the late night war between David Letterman and Leno.

It only makes me think, what is left in my lifetime to tell a story about? Will the world ever become safer again? Perhaps over time, perhaps not? It all depends on what happens in the future of the 21st Century. History can only tell if it will repeat itself or it would give way to new era’s where things change over time and things are more peaceful than anyone had ever imagined in their own lifetime.

My grandmother recently passed away this past Christmas – two days short to be exact of the annual holiday. She had always told me, things would get better over time and she’d be lucky to see it in her lifetime, eighty-two years was long enough. She quietly passed away in her sleep of cancer leaving behind her four grandsons, two great grandchildren, a daughter and son-in-law.

My grandfather always thought, life was special and it had a special meaning in life. He was right – I had not thought of that for many years until after my grandmother passed away in December, but it rings true to his word.

The expectancy of life depends on how we shore up history for future generations to come. We may be the only living human beings in the universe as some say? Expectancy of life forms form other planets in the universe all depends on how the world wants to seek the truth of our planet and our neighbors.

Someone once told me, our desires were the secrets to our own success and destiny – but, the ultimate price had to be paid to get there. Perhaps that’s why God gave us the thinking era of life?


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