A common grief

It really sucks – it really does.

Life just doesn’t seem the same anymore as I once witnessed it in my childhood – the world was much safer back than. There were no political snafu’s unless it was Watergate and the Nixon era. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward were the crack reporters that made Washington Headlines across the country with lucrative investigative reporting that led to Nixon’s downfall and Gerald Ford demise as president, short be the Vietnam War ended.

Grief was only based on what America solidified its stance in American Policy. Race was a factor for those living in the south or just about everywhere across the America pioneer. Power was justified by those who made a branding iron for themselves’ to prove a point.

Crime was only a household name to those who understood the role of a killer or the art of someone’s insane blackmail. The art of DNA wasn’t used as much in trials as they are today. Exonerations were hard to prove, until technology was far more advanced in the century.

Its amazing at what people can remember from years ago in the past – including the rock group”KISS” – how could I ever forget Gene Simmons playing bad ass music from the heart of a superb band with Peter Chris? Perhaps its comes to question?

Anyone remember Elvis? How can I ever forgot? Elvis Presley was probably one of the more inspirational entertainers of the 20th century that brought rock music to what its known today. His music became a legend after his death as he remained the “King” as many idolized him for.

It is only grief that brings sorrow and curiosity of information into today’s world. The past is still lived by many, some have moved on to better things in the world. Wars are still being fought on all fronts – North and South Korea are still at the brink of war, China is isolating their own ideals for insane purposes, America is fighting its own over 9/11 and Osama Bin Lindin and the middle east to name a view since the “Bush years”.

America may be over two hundred years old with her freedom and ideals, but, freedom has consequences for a price that has cost heavily since 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. in 2001 – nine years of grief with no end in sight, it seems to be a common grief that will shed tears for years to come. It only seems the common senses of todays post 9/11 world have gotten smaller than those during World War two and all other wars fought before her.

America is still shedding tears from a common grief – its own idealogical perils of common sense. Perhaps, its just an ironic choice of the ideals that feel common sense has nothing to do with it grief and loss of freedom, those that have started terror around the world have bitten the bullet to death for their own cause, but America and its allies are still working to restore her freedom to her proper resting place.

It all begins with common sense.


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