Mortgage companies; thiefs on the run!

Life can really be a two way street – borrower beware of your dealings with mortgage companies you intend to do business with to finance your home or property.

It’s a two way street, the first is a bitter sweet moment, when things seem to go right and always end right, from start to finish? The other, the loser gets entrapped in a tangled web of deceptive predatory lending and becomes an unsuspecting victim of a criminal empire that preys on peoples dreams and assets, which family members to family generations have set aside for many generations to come.

Mortgage lenders tend to be in the hobby of stealing peoples money on their homes and assests, later turning their loan contracts into foreclosure proceedings, even if the person borrowed the money and pays their mortgage bills on time.

The banking crisis and the housing crisis has taken a two fold crisis, that has cost more than the Obama Administration has asked for, since the Banking bailout’s began. Lenders decided to take the money and run, leaving a trail of predatory lending practices that grossly took the lives of people’s dreams to hell and back.

Victims are never aware of these types of mom and pop shop enterprises that shock and awe some of the most precious people on earth.

Foreclosure is surely not that answer to these type of problems in today’s world, its a criminal enterprise point blank and simple as that. They make life harder for those that are good deeds and turn them around to make them look like deadbeats, so they can recoup their money and pay the middleman in the scam of the century.

The government – yes, the US Government should regulate these businesses to federal law and penalty for selling people’s mortgages and trustee services for a better and fraction of the cost of one’s home and leaving entire families homeless or struggling to repair the damage done by such predatory lenders and their criminal empires.

Recently, the scam has hit home hard with no means of working around pick pockets of luck and greed, they refuse to even give you the phone number of the trustee’s service responsible for the foreclosure, even tho, further investigation revealed that the phone numbers they had given went back to the same company that was dealt with – the MORTGAGE COMPANY, while using multiple alias’s to cover their tracks.

Furthermore, they have money to loan, but, they don’t want to spend the money on those they’ve foreclosed on or even work with those whom have borrowed to refinance their homes or to modify their loans.

Mortgage companies are nothing by thieves and loan sharks on the prey with their innovation of criminalistic practices. I hope the federal government will one day regulate these businesses to federal racketeering and money laundering laws – homeowners are on the prowl and no one messes with the bounty hunter. In fact one man someone in the United States already went great length’s to make sure the bank didn’t touch his house;

He bulldozed it to the grown and the statement was made to a shocking revenge that made the jaws of bankers and lenders drop like carnies in a carnival skit at the worlds fair.

Simple advice – don’t trust these companies, do business with those you know that will treat you right, but, never do business with those you never know about and their lending practices, as many would like to see their faces in federal court for scamming the American people of their dreams and generations of family heirlooms.

Begone – mortgage companies beware, your being watched.


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