Was health care the right stuff?

Now, that the health care bill has been signed into law, many Americans are questioning the fact that this current bill, signed into law yesterday by President Obama, sends a strong message of ignorance to those without health insurance and penalizes employers and small businesses for not insuring their employees.

14 states are planning to sue the federal government over the new law in what they say is a violation of the United State Constitution.

For many years Americans have been asking for reform, but, a balloon circus like this seems to have caught many off guard with Socialist like reform? Perhaps its just a coincidence or snub in one’s cheekbones?

I would have liked that my current health insurance coverage would pay for all my needed medication and also my repairs and replacements of both my hearing aid and my Cochlear Implant as both of them are medically needed.

What is strange about the bill is that it will not allow sex offenders to get treatment for erectile dysfunction. But what does a sexual offense have to do with health care? You might as well call it the sexual health care bill, but somewhere, somehow someone got their P’s and Q’s in the wrong bill.

With the bill already signed into law, it maybe too late to repeal its validation of law. Congress somehow pissed off the American people with puppet talk and peep veeps on an open mic from Vice President Biden, “this is a fuckin deal”. I would hate to be in the vice president’s shoes and catching flak for such a adamant blurp among the press corps for its next media circus at the White House.

After having a talk with a high school friend yesterday about the recent change of events in Washington, I’m told by two of them, that they feel this country is going toward a spiraling cause, something that hasn’t been seen since President Roosevelt took the US to war with Japan during World War two.


Believe it or not, that’s how they felt – Stalin like, the ill effect and the whole paparazzi that came along with the agenda of “health care reform”. Whatever happened to the common sense of politics?

Go figures.

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