HCR stirs debate across America

Displeasure creates a stir among Americans.

Health Care Reform is alive and well today in America, as President Obama promised during his election campaign for the White House. People voted for change and the country is seeing change in a way they’ve not seen, since Clinton Administration, when Bill Clinton said, “he believed in hope”, American’s agreed for change than as they endure today with the Obama Administration.

America’s displeasure with the recent HCR bill has something that everyone doesn’t seem to understand – the bill itself and the ramifications it will create in the long term planning process.

Asking a our health care providers to become general practioners in their choice of speciality practice creates a hysteria among doctors and nurses that could create shortages in primary care doctors in todays working health care system.

Penalizing those whom don’t get health care isn’t the answer to reform, it resorts to backlash and socialism in a Stalin like effect in a time where Americans are struggling to get out of the housing bubble and create wealth and stabability among their families in the mist of foreclosure.

Creating a tax base for those that don’t follow the rules and harboring the government to go after those who fail to endure health care insurance because of affordability and the choice to choose their own primary care doctor is a given choice among the bill of rights.

But increasing taxes among businesses shouldn’t be a hardship either for those that use America’s beauty salons with tanning beds. The tax is likely to create a backlash that would send nerves of steel in the unemployment lines of an already bulgeoing system that is about the burst it own bubble with people looking for job security and health care  from their employers.

Is the HCR bill the right choice for America? Probably not the best choice, but something that makes sense to many Democrats and hardly makes any sense to 14 states trying to sue the federal government over the bill and its admendments. Stupidity would be a great concern of those trying to create hysteria with threats and gore to those in Congress – which would lead to some costly mistakes among the actions of its own demise and the stabability of the country.

Socialism has no place in America, Democrazy does – it is inevitable that many Americans forget, this country was brought on by the founding fathers of the US Constitution and the breakaway from the British rule, that once dominated America before the birth of America in 1776.

Debate is only the Common Sense with those who believe America will prevail in her own bravery.

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