Pape – Beltline Controversy; not a good mix

To honor one’s memory is to honor them in a way that would be acceptable to all parties. Controversy is a silent killer to the manifest of red tape and government corruption to political scandals, its bound to make matters worse, than one could see as a good deed.

The recent controversy over the supposedly re-naming of Beltline Highway in Eugene, Oregon, has rattled more feathers than an eagle, can soar from the Grand Canyon. The Oregon Department of Transportation recently came under fire from those that are sensitive to the subject of renaming Beltline Highway to anything other than Beltline itself.

The topic has become so sensitive that the voters of Lane County and Eugene have taken up a cause to protest the renaming issue of Beltline to anything else, other than Randy Pape’s Beltline Highway. The ODOT had once already took the liberty to name the ten mile stretch of highway to Oregon Highway “569”.

Using taxpayer dollars for a renaming process and the change of signs according to multiple sources and news reports would take an excess of $250,ooo to replace on the highway.

Making a major name change is cause for bias among voters and political pudunits in elected office. Pape’s name is better off in a more fashionable setting is something like an undeleveloped park under construction or a newley awarded stretch of street under development.

ODOT may think, the $250K was better served in way that would have caused them more harm than good. Now that the Lane County Commissioners are involved, its likely the fiasco could get ugly.