Is America shrinking?

America is spending billions in what seems like a post revival of history –  In the 1930’s America was struggling from the crash of ’29.

The 21st century is looking more like what American experienced after the first World War. The pitted economy, the housing market crash, the loan and foreclosure crisis, the bailout crisis to big name banks that stole millions of taxpayer dollars for their ever lasting addiction to glamour and greed.

The indulging growth of endless victims seem to swell the unemployment lines across America, as it did back in the 1920’s and ’30s. The unemployment rolls are swelling to the seems with the various walks of life seeking to survive in Americas post 9/11 world.

With a new President in the White House, Barack Obama strives to make the terms and ends meet on a daily basis – while the state of Arizona seems to be taking illegal immigration into its own hands, over federal law. A crisis that has fueled anger across America by thousands protesting the passage of a law that makes no sense in American words and its uncommon valor of common sense.

The war on terror seems to have made the daily and nightly news rags a hot topic among the political factions of America, which has made the political scene look more like a scandal of its own.

Is America’s greed stealing the American dream? – perhaps….?

Thirty years ago, I had never dreamed that America would be in such a dire state as they were back in the 1920’s and 30’s. It seems to me that history seems to be playing itself over again in ways that seems portal to history.

Old school seems to be the norm. But, will it ever get better? According to those on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial seems to be keeping steady above 10,000 as we were before 9/11 took place back in 2001.

The economy may be getting better, but the crisis still looms among those Americans struggling to make ends meet in the long term. Foreclosures are taking place at a faster rate, where banks and mortgage companies are taking steps to droll the last breaths of those trying to make their lives better.

George Bailey once said, “Potter owns and controls the stores, that we inhibit on a daily basis.” That’s exactly how I see it in today’s world. Potter is the villian, the thief of the American dream as Wal-Mart is the land grabber and the economic crusher of family owned businesses that have once stood among America’s Main Street and ushered to the local economics to a crumbling halt.

America will never be the same, she still may be the land of the free, but, who’s the real owner of the land and the union? American debt could tell you a lot of things you’ve never knew about your own country – however, the big bad wolf is still standing at your door, threatening you with all its means and taking your families heirlooms that has been in your family for generations.

Its time America took back the country from those who see greed as an evil sin.


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