Ticked off!

When you think freedom, you think eternity, when you think bordom, you think rollerskating, when it comes to fighting a war on the home front you think a whole different war game, than Proctor Gamble.

When it comes to entertainment it becomes a daily ritual and reality to relax in your ever lasting strength and imagination with television entertainment. But, when it comes to fighting with “Homeowners Associations” over a simple request, the ball fall is your favor as you’ve got the primary target covered with a satellite dish.

My homeowners association thinks its a chill factor that I have to pay out of pocket expenses to have a direct path to my satellite signal? But, the dish is protected by federal law, according the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Communitcations act of 1996.

With the Spring fling in full bloom, the trees will be bloomin’ with green leafs casting a shadow of doubt among the interference with the satellite’s signal and casting the shadow of doubt of having the higher up channels from being viewed among the towering branches that block the satellite’s very signal from being viewed with exceptional excellence.

The only problem is  – the HOA is giving me the roundabout of having the tree trimmed in order to get the higher up signals of the service I pay for in the long run. Maintenance of the trees rests with the homeowners association in the long run and not the out of pocket expenses with those that use a satellite for everyday television entertainment as they are protected by federal law and the FCC rulings regarding satellite use an reception.

Without the trees being trimmed, my viewing of satellite tv would be limited to the local channels and not my favorite channels and my love for the FOOD Network on the higher up channels and frequencies the dish is designed to receive from the satellite flying above the earth in space.

Its only common sense and simple domination in working with those with satellite dishes to make things smoothly between homeowner and the HOA – without the working canter between the two, the war will always be on between to enemies on the home front!

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