Memorial Day: A remembrance

It has been years since my late Uncle, Grandfather and Aunt passed away, but recently my Grandmother passed on over the holidays. It was bittersweet and sentimental for everyone, including myself.

America is still at war with terror, since 9/11 – but, the fight continues and freedom is still being sought by those who deserve a surviving chance at change and the freedom of life. Its only a matter of time, when the world will become terror free and life would return to normalcy.

War is not for everyone, but the grief of losing a lost family member or best friend is always the calculated risk of life and service to America’s ideals and patriotism, but their love and memory will never leave our sides and the gifts they have given us to the many years of service to their country and to the families they leave behind.

Life is not always cheap, but there is a price to pay, to love, honor and cherish the way we do things in Gods world today on earth, its only a matter of time, we’ll see them again in heaven or in the afterlife, their spirit always lives through the spirit of the lord.

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