Where’s the silver plater?

Life is like the silver lining on the dinner table, minus the roast beef and the main course. Seriously, life if strange, but, it does have its up and downs, especially after death. How so? Just a hunch. Its quite simple – the love we have for those that have passed on, their spirits remain in the hearts of our own spirits.

Even tho, they are in a far away place now, their love never dies, but remains for a lifetime. In contrast, one thinks, its the end of the world? Actually, its the opposite – our world continues as planned, their goes on to another world, time and place, where live is more decent with security and savior.

As a Paranormal investigator and Christian, its my belief, that life exists on the other side and in heaven, the two could be related in my opinion, but there’s only one side of the story. God’s creation brings us together in many ways after death and in spirit. Many say, some stay behind to “finish” business or such? Perhaps, they’re not ready to cross over to the light where they’re led to unknown and gift of love and the goodness of life.

I can’t speak for those that have crossed over, but, I can speak for one’s self, the presence of life and spirit is a strange one, the two co-exist in a why that makes the paranormal interesting and heaven a reality.

I miss those whom I’ve been friends with or those that have been in my family and moved on toward better things in life, spiritually. Sure like does change here on Earth, but life on the otherside is known to be a whole new beginning. If I had only known what life was like there on the otherside, I’d report it in the blog, but, life here is too precious to spoil.

Middle aged rant

A crash course in life? Blah! Its just another foolish thought in life. I wasn’t considering crashing into a tree or a stump, I was thinking more like a soft bed with clean spring sheets from the housekeeping department at the nearest bellhop along the strip.

“The strip?”, exactly – but, I wasn’t talking about Las Vegas, silly, I was talking about the local drag down the street from me, the major west to east connection between Eugene and the Oregon Coast. It hasn’t dawned on me yet, but the creation of life within one’s middle age seems to get stranger and stranger as we get older, but – it does have its perks.

I often wonder why things change so fast in life, that it only seems like yesterday, I was in my wonder years, than, my junior and high school years, than the beginning of my adult life – now, I’m in my mid forties, wondering what life will be like in another forty years from now? If I’m lucky to see life that far out in the universe and this magnificent planet called, Earth.

I can’t predict the future, rewind the past or leap forward in between as they did on the season finale of ABC’s “LOST”, I could only dream where it could lead, front, back, forward or sideways. But, life seems more like an episode of “Three’s Company” or “Cheers”, depending which comes first, Janet and Chrissy in their nightgowns or Sam and Diane, stealing home in the back of Cliff’s mail truck!

Its only a necessity in life to have fun with the Irish when you know you can have even better fun in the Yukon and the Northern Lights!