War is not an ideal

Global warming, world thoughts, ironically insane behavior, have become the norm in today’s world. The world is changing in ways, we can’t keep track with our own merits. But, we continue to inhibit a world that changes lives with every challenging act of terror and insane acts of harm.

Its been almost eleven years since terror took America by storm and surprise. Its been sixty-five years since, America ended World War Two with the drop of the Atomic Bomb on Japan and the surrender of the Japanese forces to American Allies in 1945.

War has been raging overseas since 9/11 and thousands of G.I. Troops have lost their lives surpassing the count of those that lost during 9/11.

Why is America still at war with an agenda that takes place from one country to another? Iraq, Afghanistan, seem to be the place where so called terrorist groups tend to mend their trade and their ideals and beliefs against American policy, freedom and liberty.

Freedom is something that is shared by those, who believe in what it stands for. Those who think they should pay an ultimate price to gain freedom with terror, are likely to be held accountable with measures they could not have committed in a competitive fight against allied troops.

For over two hundred years, America has become the ideal country with power, trade and economic policy, that makes her stand out among those who immigrant to her soil to start a new life and future, while those who seek to insist to use bigotry and fear to amend to their ideals and agendas against those who seek the ultimate goal to be free.

World War Two was fought on two fronts, one with Nazi Germany, the other with Japan. Until one day sixty-five years ago, America paid the ultimate price of war and death – Japan was bombed with an “atomic bomb”, not once, but twice.

Nuclear War should never be used as a tool of war. Collateral damage is far greater in detail, than, one could ever explain in today’s post 9/11 world.        The invention of nuclear weapons may have stopped the Japanese from advancing in the war in the Pacific, but nations followed America’s lead and developed their own nuclear weaponry.

Its amazing that no other country, than the United States has used such an advanced weapon in today’s battlefield should.

Diplomacy and diplomatic sense is the ultimate tool to preserve the price of freedom. The cost of collateral damage would be far less than one would see some sixty-five years earlier, when Japan was bombed in Hiroshima.
When America invaded Iraq in the early 1990’s, Saddam Hussein was in power, years later during the second Gulf War, Hussein was still in power, America was led to believe they were developing a nuclear weapon to advance technology to war.

September 11, 2001, become a day of infamy as it did with the surprise attack by Japan on December 7, 1941. Japan’s invasion of Pearl Harbor led America into war with with precision, skill and planning.
Almighty, the world has learned from its lessons of war. Death is not the answer to solving its problems. Diplomacy is the greatest assessment of mankind and is safer to use, than, a weapon that is known to cause mass destruction and death.

Terror should never be a toll for those who seek to make a statement using collateral damage. The world is far greater than one can imagine ever in life. Today’s world depends on the world’s governments to make amends meet in a way that is safer for all to understand and dwell on the planet we have called home.

God’s will is just that, prayer and keeping faith is what seems to keep people going these days in time of need and in time of sacrifice as those that serve in the armed forces.

I remember as a young child, America was at war in Vietnam in the late 1960’s and 70’s. My life has changed the perception of war and why we do it. My late uncle, grandfather and father all served in a branch of the armed forces.

It makes me wonder if the eleven year war in the middle east today was well worth the causality rate of those who perished in 9/11.

Iraq and Afghanistan seem to be the agenda of war. With the pending draw down of American troops in the middle east, there’s political talk among those not involved with war, but of those that protest the policies of war that the pending draw down could destabilize the middle east region into a war that no one can control or stop.

War, weapons, fighting and political satire are today’s casualty of war. Political policy needs to be spoken carefully in terms of world peace to ensure a strong life and faith of all mankind.
The twenty-first Century is only 11 years old – but, the universe is a helluva lot older and experienced in how the heavens have developed our world in God’s creations. I only wish, that war was never amended in today’s political arena.

Sixty-five years was long enough to understand the horrors and chaos of war when Japan surrendered in 1945.


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