Single motherhood – A Choice and right!

Fox News Bill O'Rielly
Bill O'Reilly

Single motherhood is by choice to many women, who decide not to wed and have a child.

Why is Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on the case of Actress Jennifer Aniston for her role as a single mother in her upcoming film, “SWITCH”.

Single motherhood is perhaps one of the toughest jobs, a women can endure, while juggling a career and raising a child on their own.

Some women have choosen to be impregnated by sperm donors, while others have had sex with someone, they know is the child’s true biological father.

O’Reilly stated during his news program yesterday, that Aniston said, “women do not need men” and “can get a sperm donor to have a child”, O’ Reilly was ticked off by her statement that has enlighten a political firestorm among single mother’s. Actress Angelina Jolie-Pitt, has said, that she would support friend Aniston over the anchors statements regarding single motherhood.

Why is single motherhood hard for some people to understand and realize that, its a way of life in today’s world – among women, who never marry and have a family of their own without a member of the opposite sex.  Career women having children out of wedlock seem to be the norm among those living in society today around the world.

Growing up, my other mother was a working mother raising me has she worked her way into a career she still has today – even tho, she married later in life and I was the only child in the family. However, I ended up with lots of friends that were more like brothers and sisters and apart of their families as well. Life was very dull at first without having such needs of a fatherly figure.

I never had the change to know my biological father while growing up, however, the man my mother married dealt a great deal of being a fatherly figure in ways – later I was adopted into another family that also showed the same core values of being a family.

But, single motherhood should never be a question of jealousy or political gumshoe, when one thinks its better having a family and a child than single motherhood – fatherhood is the same ways as well, regardless if there is women in one’s life or not.

As for O’ Reilly’s claim that Jennifer Aniston is “glamorizing” single motherhood is pure crock of bull puck, the ol’ fart can’t seem to understand why his brain is thinking a mockery of Aniston and her upcoming motion picture as a single mother in, “The Switch”.

Perhaps, it may be time for Fox News consider replacing the ol’ fool with a more decent talent that can modernize the news its reporting for the network.

O’ Reilly doesn’t seem to be making the icing on the cake these with viewers these days – the timing for a long, long vacation seems to be on tap for the ol chap to retire to the ocean view villa of retirement, broadcast new just doesn’t seem to be oh Bill’s calling card these days.


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