Steven Slater – Jet Blue

Steven Slater - Jet Blue
Steven Slater

Ask yourself this question, “When was the last time you saw a flight attendant, quit his or her job, while the aircraft was still on the tarmac and getting ready to head near the gate and deboard passengers from its flight?”.  Not very often flight attendants throw a such a universal scene that makes them a folk hero to those that fly the friendly skies and ends up as a national sensational icon on the nightly news because of the endeavor.

Its so ironically insane that such a mood took place, drinking a beer and letting all his or her passengers, know that he’s the “motherfucker”, that treated the passenger like shit, etc., even tho, he was the victim of the vicious attack by a passenger that took his or her own temper out on the flight attendant doing his job, while the plane was still in motion to the gate.

Passengers are supposed to enjoy their flights from Point A to Point B and give them ultimate respect for making them feel safe and sound during the entire flight and from airport to airport in their enlighten travels.

The ultimate consequence is going to jail for ditching his flight, taking out the emergency chute and having to have it replaced by the airline for $25k bucks to repair.

What really intrigues me about this entire story is that Slater’s fame is – “Instant” overnight fame and a hero by fellow flight attendants around the globe for his momentum of quiting his job at the right moment and the right place.

Nobody should be treated unfairly because he or she if doing their job and some one else decides to put the blame on the people who make their flights the pleasure seeker of the flight and trip. Life is full of surprises, but its also full of mysteries of why people do what they do in their everyday life.

I’ve probably quit many jobs over my lifetime because of the way people treated me or the way people decided was worth the lust of their business to create a hostile work environment. I never became a folk hero overnight, like Steven Slater, but, I did things differently with the things I worked with and the jobs I did.

Life has it’s momentum, but, being a folk hero is what comes with a jet suit and a flight plan, that becomes the ultimate core of guilt, when suddenly some decides to defuse the temper on the poor soul doing his job.


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