An early fall

shades of fall I have been starting to take notice that the summer we’ve been having here in the Pacific Northwest has been a mild and strange awakening. I have always wondered why the changing of the guard has come early, rather than later? Curiously, it was Mother Nature doing strange things with the very planet she rules and fooling her earthbound humans into thinking the change of the seasons should come earlier, rather than later.

I woke up early thinking, I’d see the sun rise above the eastern horizon of the Cascade Mountains into the Willamette Valley, but, that wasn’t the case. I felt vindicated that the change of seasons was taking place right before my very eyes. I had realized I wasn’t at the Hampton’s where the fall foliage is far more spectacular than those in the Pacific Northwest.

fall 2 It wasn’t uncommonly sensible that the season’s are in the changing of the seasons and the guard. But, has you think about it, the “holidays” are just around the corner. How soon around the corner, we’ll? We need to get past September first and into October, than November, than December, than the new year, than the rest of 2011.

I remember years ago as a young tyke, living in rural Douglas County, My mother, grandmother and myself were driving home from Eugene back to Yoncalla to my grandfather’s farm, where I had seen the most amazing thing in life as a kid and still remains with me today in my everlasting memories as a child. The reddish glow of the evening sunset over the hells of Douglas County as if it was in a casting shadow with the plant Mars.

The sight was incredibly rewarding, that, I had recently dreamed of that very day as we were driving home into the reddish sunset of Mars. The season of fall is full of so many memories that even at my old age into my forties, I keep thinking the world has a memory for everyone with a trip back into time with one’s dreams tends to make up for lost ventures of the past. It only becomes a way of life, as one can enjoy telling the story of life to the kids as they grow up and age into smart adults.

Its only the memories of fall that mean the most in life, as its one of my favorite times of the year as things change from Spring to Summer, Fall to Winter – life goes on with an amazing story.

….It’s an early fall with a sense of common sense.


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