To lurk in the Old West?

I don’t know where to begin? Everyday seems the same as it has always been since my high school graduation – more or less. The world has changed so much over the last twenty years or so, its even become more dangerous traveling abroad to countries of travel and those seeing paradise with an elegant country that marvels one’s good fortune and life.

My grandfather used to say there was a place for everyone and a place for dreams as well. Its been over twenty years or so, since he passed away and nearly a year since my Grandmother passed on as well, as well as my Aunt and my Uncle. Now, life is changing in ways that many can’t explain, especially to those that have children and to those that don’t.

I always dreamed of living in a “fox hole” or a cave in the mountains where the earth is still warm and cozy. I’ve seen pictures of people turning the side of a mountain into a elegant home for themselves in the deserts sands far and away. It’s amazing at how far people go through to make their dreams a reality in life. This is one of them. It seems to be more of the high roller end of homes and that don’t require a lot of building, but, a lot of process to make it a reality as those that once roamed our countries soil as pioneers of the old west – in fact, they were later called “reservations”, by the U.S. Government.

Perhaps that’s the beginning of the story? Maybe that’s the gig I was thinking of? Perhaps, I’m just a snook with a smelly Alaskan King Chinook fished out of the Willamette River.

I had once ventured the idea of writing a piece of the same topic? But, there are so many topics choose from these days as writer and you never know when your going to get to the infestation of that once in a lifetime piece you’ve been penning to write. The journey was great encouraging and imaginative if I were to take a train or a series of trains from Washington, D.C. back to Oregon along with vast amount of history of the old west that abounds in journey from east to westward ho.

I simply shrug at the idea as it would take an elegant amount of money to to find a cure for such venturing into the our union – a travel package of a lifetime that would nearly sink one’s soul into their own ground into General Custard’s Army and purely a heart that would make Geronimo proud as Chief Joesph looks on.

Its only a dream. But, I’m stuck with a case of writers block, that, can’t seem to shack my prairie dogs in the right direction. Perhaps, I should have asked the elders for their advice before venturing into back into time in the old west?


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