Why I hate my ‘puter!

I still get a ton of grey hair these days, not just from everyday life, but, from using everyday technology – the computer.

Craving into the unknown since 1990’s, when, I bought my first computer for use in college and knowing nothing about the technical workings of how the ins and outs. I ventured into unknown territorial waters without knowledge of a computer.

I went from learning on a Mac to Linux to finally, becoming a PC clone sort as a windows nerd. For some reason, I’ve never looked back at the Macintosh. But, later in my day, I needed a laptop to make my work easier to do on the road and while at work away from the office, it had to be Internet ready, but, I knew nothing of how the laptop was designed for such a purpose, until a finally got a Mac Powerbook. Yes – Gracie, I still have that powerbook and haven’t used it much either. A few years later, I ended up with Compaq Armada 1700 series laptop that was given to me by a friend, that I’ve not seen or heard from in years.

The thing was a workhorse and it still is to this day and age of the new century. I had the Linux platform removed and the HD revamped to windows and became addicted to windows and never looked back at either the Apple or Linux operating systems.

Today – I still hawk those computer skills with a twist of fate in windows and a curve of life with a PC. It’s amazing what technology can do nowadays with a computer, watch TV, Movies, Videos and use social networking along with making phone calls with a computer to making conference calls with a web cam to anywhere in the world, even while hawking deadlines with as a blogger and writer. Most importantly, I can work and telecommute from anywhere in the world without leaving home or while on vacation or just while on business, that laptop becomes the choice of travel as you work.

Technology as they call it – just keeps getting better the everyday lives of those who use it. Most times, it still gives me those shades of grey that keeps streaking the hairline of my scalp. Old age? Not exactly, computer syndrome, when things just don’t go right as you expect.

“….Marvelous”, as I would say at times. But, it still didn’t stop be in my tracks for something new on the market and something more whiz bang for my insane addiction in why I still have my ‘puter at times.

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