What’s your dream or reality?

What am I doing up at four o’clock in the morning? Those on the east coast have been up for hours – “it’s almost fifteen minutes to eight in New York City, so, what the hell, am I complaining about!” Nothing in particular, maybe I’m a little “jinxed” in a way for a Monday morning?

I often ask myself, while working at my computer each day or night, if my next dream will be a reality or just another one of those memory messages lurking from the purgatory realm of life? Nothing seems to spur a scene of gravity of such a notation, unless your actually caught off guard into the reality of the future.

I remember once as a young teen in junior high school, while I was in the cafeteria with some friends, I was heading out the door into the corridor to my locker – just, has I was about to walk out the door, the future flashed forward right in front of me. The vision, I had a night or two before, I had realized, the vision was of the dream I had, literally came true as I began walking toward that very same door for some apparent reason.

Strange in many ways. But, I had wondered why the time and day was picked for me to experience the realm of a dream into the future? There is really no answer to why we experience these realms of purgatory senses in our sleep?

I had always wondered if earth was real or if earth was a sideshow to that answer of “LOST”, the ABC hit series that ranked merit points with skeptics across country after several successful season’s on network television.

Perhaps, Jack was right along, perhaps not? I always question myself, what if the world was real? How did I & we get here in the first place? Who are these people, that are my friends, family, enemy’s and who’s this? Perhaps these are all questions we need to ask? What happens to us when we die and where do we go from here?

Scientist’s recently discovered another world like ours some 16 trillion miles from Earth. The same size with almost the same type of atmosphere and all, but a bit bigger that earth. Perhaps’ this is earth’s “big brother?” My internal guess is maybe there is “life” on this planet?

Perhaps not? No one will ever know if there is human life outside of our world? The late Carl Sagan once said, “he believed there is life outside our universe and perhaps in our solar system”, his belief was a valuable justice to science and theory. Today’s discovery would have him talking science of another world – but, getting there and exploring the world, the planet and its soil is a hard sell to NASA and the space program in today’s world on earth.

20.5 light years from Earth, the purpose outside our planet means a lot to the word purgatory and the reals of one’s dreams. Perhaps, we could be visitors of our own planet or is the new discovery – the so called, “otherside?”, only time will tell.

I hope that one day the truth will be told and the purgatory of the dream would be revealed in honor and truth under oath. Perhaps, this was the answer Jack was seeking from the beginning after the plane crashed no the island in the middle of nowhere.


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