Christmas harmony

I see the holidays as a time to gather with family, friends and loved one’s to celebrate the birth of Jesus, God’s first given son. I always reminisce the peaceful harmony of those who give during the holiday season.

What makes Christmas better than other holidays through out the year? Its the benefit of thought and giving and joy we share among ourselves and those we share our lives with on a daily basis. Life is bittersweet in ways we take for granted, but make amends to make their lives better on an everyday basis.

I had wished many times that my own life was better at what I do now and how the way I live that life today. Dreams are often shattered in ways we can not explain, but resurrection of those pods of dreams are held for a later date as God plans for us as we go through our daily lives as we see it today.

I’m in a constant bid for happiness and yule tale harmony each season as the holiday comes around. There are things we can’t have as much as we want them, but, the dream of those dreams are preserved in a way we have to cherished and work to get them – perhaps they hold the mystery key to the future of life’s move precious gifts of life, the passion to be happier and peaceful with ourselves and those we admire.

It’s too easy to throw the gift of joy and forgiveness into a trash can and walk away from life precious sediments.

Its bleak, but its bold – the gift of Christmas is in all of us, not just you and I, but those you cherished for many years. My grandmother always thought this was the time to give and forgive regardless what we owed in life. Its the faith we have in others and the faith we have in God and his commandments.

I’m astounded at why some things happen and why we’re never given a chance to keep them forever. But, the rejoices of life will according to the bible as it says, will return as we pass on and rejoice with those that have passed on and stand waiting on the other side of life.

Its a scary thought, but a matter of understanding of faith and no matter how or what religion you are – we’re all the same color inside with the same blood. But, we may look different on the outside with the life we choose to live in today or as God planned for us from the beginning.

Perfection could be a good thing. But, is there really a thing called – Perfection? It’s to be seen, depending on the matter and timing of the perfection of life.

God’s work is just the beginning, perhaps the most precious of what we see today in his creation of life.

I wish I hadn’t been too hard on myself for the many things I’ve taken for the most, especially those I’ve missed and loved through the years since, I last saw them. Its only been a year since my grandmother passed on, this year is the hardest it has been since my aunt passed away in the late 1990’s.

She would’ve wanted me to enjoy life as it is today and to continue to follow the dreams I had pursued as a kid and as an adult. It gives me a smile that rings a thousand miles from a plant that is filled with strange beings, but one that is full filled with harmony and the graces of life – its called Christmas.


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