Holiday fustrations – arggh

Christmas has already passed and many haven’t even had their chance to get home or get to their planned destination for the annual Christmas holiday, due to severe weather and stubborn blizzards involving snow. I used to fly the friendly skies many years ago, but only during the time when the weather was absolutely amazing – the summer and fall months.

Winter months would probably encase my genes into a phobia of how in the hell would I get home in time for Christmas? But, in the mist of a stranger’s mind, the threat and treatment were real. We’ve seen the horrors and heard their stories on the news almost nightly since the last week was winding down toward the annual Christmas holiday.

Recently people have complained about being left on their flights on the tarmac for hours and hours after coming to the United States from an International flight over seas – their horrors and agitated senses kicked in.

Whatever happen to the patience and virtue attitude of compassion to reach a “LIVE” human being on the other end of the phone like, while stuck in JFK or LGA or any other American airport waiting to get a flight out of town. Perhaps Mother Nature was trying to tell us something during these blizzard days that dumped tons of snow, not seen since World War Two in Europe and the late breaking Winter Storm that ultimately swiped the American east coast across the face with nearly 50% of country into chaos of disaster gone wild and uncontrollable from the start.

Chaos, panic, impatient passengers however have fought to seek answers to their questions and how much longer one’s family and grandparents are willing to bet, their travel plans would scudded toward the end in a near doomsday storm of snow and ice.

It’s only relevant to understand that nature is not controlled by humans. But, it controlled by energy and the wrath of the universal working of the planet. Yes – snow my be a pure joy to see, but, it creates disaster and panic among many, wishing that the holiday season would’ve ended better and on a timely matter instead.

It’s only that time of the year where we all wish things would’ve gone perfectly.


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