Where does life go from here?

I was thinking, it’s been almost four year’s since, the day, I walked out of the Eugene Hearing and Speech Center thinking – “why,” am, I about to get myself into some serious trouble?

It wasn’t until two weeks later or so, I did the same thing again – this time, I walked out of the Audiology Department of the Oregon Health Science University Hospital in Portland, thinking, “Dude, your seriously getting your butt into some serious trouble medical technology!”

I had thought so, while riding shotgun on the way home with my mother, who had went up with me to see the surgeon and finish the rest of my evaluation with my Cochlear Implant candidacy – to may amazement at the time in 2007, I wasn’t too sure if this was a real good choice to make? But, it’s been nearly four years since the day I came home wondering what my world would be life in the hearing world – once again?

I was about to find out three months later after getting bumped up from surgery to surgery cancellation and finally making it happen at in the early morning hours of February 7th, 2007.

Life was totally different at the time – after enduring almost forty years of profound deafness, many of my childhood friends I had graduated from high school with were in total support of my decision. It wasn’t until my twenty-five year class reunion that everyone that went to the reunion had seen the enormous chances in our lives, but many teared up as much as I did in my first days of activation.

I almost didn’t handle the battle – but, I stood strong and went along with the flow. I knew, if I wanted to, I could have pulled the plug on the surgery, before, I even went into surgery. As, I look back at the events that took place four years ago, I still wonder today, if I still made the right decision, myself?

I know there is no turning back the clock and redrawing the course of history and the events of life have already been written from the start of my decision. Perhaps, that is what the course of life was about? – making the “right” decision, when you felt the decision could have been made at the wrong time and place, but, you later realize it may have been the best decision you’ve ever made in life.

Perhaps, that’s why I’ve been hearing the “silver bells” ring in my ears these past few days? Coincidence? Who knows more likely a celebration of sorts from my brain telling me – “Jeffery – your a complete idiot for ruining my life with your bionic ear!”

Well, here’s my answer – “Houston we have a problem!” I’m stuck with it for life. Exactly.

Why is it, that I have become so profound of the technology after four years on the lam with one Cochlear Implant? Perhaps, it’s what god had planned for me to do and experience in life before I decide later in life to get a bi-lateral implant? However, I’m surviving pretty darn well with one and have not put my hearing aid back on in my left ear full time – only when I get the urge to stimulate the ear to keep it going with whatever residual hearing I have left in that ear alone.

I recently had a chance to experiment to see if I was able to hear any residual hearing in my right ear after four years with my current implant? So, far after going shooting with some family members, I was able to still hear the sounds of a gunshot with my whatever hearing I had left in my left year – but, my right ear, was completely gone, unless I had the speech processor turned on and the magnetic receiver attached to my implant above my right ear.

Its amazing on how technology work its magic and it’s wonders of the world. As, I write this blog post, I’m still thinking about the day I came out of surgery and the first words my late grandmother Adela said to me, when I came home from the hospital – “can you hear now?” as she said, while laying down on her couch across the street from my own house, she had brought smiles to me face when she asked me that question.

But, as I think of it now – I truly believe I made the right decision to have my Cochlear Implant surgery after all. Perhaps, it was calling card from heaven with a few helping hands along the way of those family members that have past on before, my grandfather especially. He was the one that started the dream, the dream he had never been able to see, but likely he was able to see it from heaven, as well as my aunt and uncle.

Fours year’s is a long time, but, not as long as it seems in the forty-two years since age three, when I began the ordeal in 1968, when history changed the course of my life and that of my family. It’s truly a gift to hear with amazing technology that has come a long way to help many with severe to profound hearing loss.

My grandfather would’ve had the biggest fit of his life, if he had seen that I was able to do the impossible with life – to hear again in the hearing world.

Perhaps, it was his “gift from heaven?” His dream was fulfilled with the joys of life that he hadn’t been able to see before he passed on. I can only admit – he’d think, “the boss” as he used to call me, was crazy enough to take on a decision like this without conversing with if this is what he wanted. I’m pretty sure, heaven was right along.

“…And it was as priceless as it can get – heaven can wait.”


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