Fours years later and still going strong!

It’s been four years since, I had my Cochlear Implant, implanted in my right ear. Life has been a changing world – every since. The sounds of nature have been heard as, if, I never lost sight of its natural sounds and calling as a young child, who became profoundly deaf at age three.

Life has become a shadow of the past as the future spins forward and onward into the greater reins of the hearing world. I only wonder what my life would’ve been, if I hadn’t made that decision to have a life altering decision to restore my own hearing in 2007.

The past was getting old in a way, but, it wasn’t gaining as much momentum as it did, when I was younger. It became challenging – more challenging, than I had envisioned in my own dreams. My own faith was my given trust in my own decision making process. But, it was a bold enough decision, that has become my living history.

Four years ago, I had shed thirty nine years of profound deafness for a merrier encounter with the mechanics of a bionic ear. It reminded me of the days of my child, when the television show, “The Six Million Dollar Man,” was the most popular show on TV in the 70’s – it became my life own version of the series, when my activation was enabled two weeks later, after my surgery took place.

The rest is history as life continues into the 21st Century. It would be interesting, to see where it leads me now as I reach into my upper 40’s and into my 50’s. I had only wished there was one miracle and visionary accomplishment that would’ve made my life complete in a way – I would have never forgotten.

Those relatives that have passed on, would’ve been amazed at how technology today, makes one’s life more merrier than it was from the beginning.

It was my grandfather’s dream. A reality he was never able to see after he passed away. But, I’m sure he stood proud enough to see me make a tough decision without him. I was capable of handling one of my own.

It was priceless.

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