A memorial day thought

Today, we celebrate the memory of those who have served in the Armed Forces of our nations military. From the Civil War to the war on terror, sacrifices have become the norm for those who fight for America.

America has been at war for eleven years with those who seek terror as a way to make a voice for their own ideals. But, America wasn’t made on that premise or purpose. She was born to be free and the land was brokered to be free from British rule at the birth of our nation in 1776, when the Constitution was ratified by our country’s founding fathers.

I often wonder, if war is the answer to the meaning of life and sacrifice? Perhaps it is to those that serve under the command of America’s military leadership. War is often questioned as if it’s the right purpose and response for action.

Why is America at war? Why haven’t we won? Why hasn’t the enemy surrendered and brokered with peace and confidence? There is no answer to why and when those questions will bear fruit on the olive branch to end the hostilities of war. There is always those who are for and against the war – protestants can broker their rights to free speech on American soil, but for some countries freedom isn’t a choice, sacrifice is.

A complete opposite of the enemy, where freedom isn’t the option unless they chose to spare their life into the grievances of their foes. An enemy at the gate is often the spare key to the wrong and the damned, not the rightful faith of freedom.

We feel the heartache and sorrow, the pain and loss of those who have lost their lives in the fight for freedom. The ultimate sacrifice is a heavy price to pay in the American Armed Forces. My late Uncle used to tell me stories of his war days aboard the USS Maddox during the Vietnam War in the 1960’s.

A young kid at heart sacred from the state of Washington, he made his way home safely to his family and friends. My father did the same as he too, served in the Navy with my Uncle, but, on a different vessel at the time.

The harsh reality of war is seen in many of today’s young children. They often wonder why Mom and Dad are jointly shipped off to war and one of both often making the trip home safely after their tours of duty. But, for others reality isn’t so lucky – kids are often orphaned because their parents were killed in action in separate military offenses in the middle east.

Being the deployed parent is often the scariest part of a kids childhood, until they return safely. Parents are often left with memories of their kids far away from home and miss the comfort of their human teddy bears – their children.

When we honor those the have served we are often reminded of the price we pay for the sacrifice. Someday, the world would be a better place and return to normalcy as if nothing ever happened the day before. It would only be a fond memory of the sacrifices we pay and the price of the American dream.

We honor the memory. We honor those who served, so we can be free as whole – America is still the land of the free and the home of the brave. I’m honored to know those who have served my country and those who have fought for her freedom, their hearts and memory should live forever in our own living hearts as long as we can remember and never forget.

This article is dedicated to those who have served in all the wars that America has fought and to those that have fought to save the lives of others during the World Trade Center disaster during 9/11 – the memory of the 343 shall live onward for lifetime to come and we shall never forgot.


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