An inquiring mind–the public

Last night, I had a chance to sit down in a local restaurant and do some computer work on my laptop. While, I was there, a women walked up to me, as I was having a Yahoo chat with my brother – she started becoming an inquiring mind about my Cochlear Implant.

She told me she had never seen one up close, but and “Live” on a person wearing one.

It was an astounding moment cold blooded in and out of the spurn moment to inquire about the “bionic technology”, also known as a Cochlear Implant or “CI”.

Who ever said, “it’s the girl magnet?”. I often wonder how that little magical bastard works it’s magical strength!

My late Grandfather would probably have a fit at his old spanky age, if he were here today, thinking a $100K dollar surgery was the scam of a lifetime!

Holy cow Batman, the “Boy Wonder” of technology has won again! I clutch my teeth, make a frown face and shrug my shoulders upward, thinking – holy Toledo and thinking I’ve won the jackpot in the Oregon Lottery!

Well, it certainly isn’t Ohio, but, your right, we’re in Oregon and I can’t put the blame game on Charlie and his tuna fish. So, what can I say?

The impromptu girl magnet is working its magical wonders of the world. And, it’s a priceless decision on my part from four years earlier when I decided this was the chance of a lifetime.

I was probably right too, right?

I get so intrigued by those spur of the moment visits from the public these days, I’d would be a total stranger to the universe, than wearing, the “Superman or Batman” costume around town.

Makes sense huh? I thought so, indeed. I would be glad if some of you readers agree than watching a complete marathon run of Fox-TV’s “COPS”.

I was grateful that she took the time to stop by my table once again before she left and asked a few more questions. I’m always open to talking publically to those whom are a complete stranger and it becomes an conversation start to begin with.

As a writer and blogger, this is something that gets people to talk about at the coffee table, with family and friends and also complete strangers sitting next to you and more.

It’s not easy being an almost “public figure” to the “John Q” public, but its good public relations on educating the public about the Cochlear technology and one’s life story from start to finish with one’s life with a hearing loss.

Perhaps, this it the time of my life (no, not the song) where life really begins with a bang at be the public figure in your own way. Just how does Cochlear do it?

Like, I said, earlier in this post – “it’s the silly ol’ bastards way of getting the girl magnet” to work its charm!.

Now that’s the wrap with technology – go figures!

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