Bottom of the 9th, 2 on base

Civc StadiumTonight seems to be the “decision night” for the Eugene School Board on its long awaited decision on the fate of Eugene’s Civic Stadium. How do you think it will play out in the final inning at the bottom of the 9th with two bases loaded and roaring crowd waiting to cheer on the opposition and the Market of Choice’s Rick Wright’s proposal.

I am hoping that Wrights proposal is the one that is picked as many peeps in the area are favoring the saving of Civic Stadium and a historic treasure.

The stadium may be on 4-J property. But, how does the school board take an icon that is of historical significance and putting it to play? The city of Eugene played that name game many years ago, when the ONLY movie theater on the University of Oregon campus was torn down to make way for additional space during Sacred Heart’s sparling growth, before Peace Health moved the flagship hospital to RiverBend in Springfield.

The name game is definitely a dangerous ploy to play with from the beginning. It’s what starts controversies and political cat calls among voters  and more, which of course is understandable.

Common sense is what set’s it apart from the political satire to the political threat of recall of those who feel their decision was based on the political outcome, instead of the common wealth of one’s sensitive nature.

With a former mayor on the school board and some new in-experienced board members, I’m hoping they will all make the right decision and go with Rick Wright’s proposal as it seems to and feels right to fit the neighborhood, rather than having a big box store like Fred Meyers coming into the ‘hood and causing all types of “bully” type tactics for the locals in South Eugene – it would literally be a bottleneck disaster epic, larger than the Titanic’s maiden voyage across the pond before sinking in icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

As the batter up takes his place on the mound, the catcher settles on to make his coded move to the pitcher telling him of the key strokes to make during the pitch. The crowd goes silent in a hush, men, women and children hold their prayers strong and crossing their fingers as the radio announcer pegs at his play by play on the RKO radio network, history is about to become a made on who survives at the bottom of the night, with the two bases loaded no outs and a slugger Babe Ruth fan waiting to slug it out with the defending champs for the race to the pennant and the world series of Soccer and multi-national sports recognition of the world.

I know you folks get the idea I’m getting at, right? I thought so. I couldn’t resist the description, but, hey – it get’s people talking and it’s Common Sense.

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