A councilman divides the city into chaos

What has Eugene City Councilman Mike Clark created? The city seems to be divided over the pledge or allegiance with a recent resolution set for reciting the pledge of allegiance four times a year at city council meetings.

Fox News gave it a whirlpool on the national level creating a stir of debate across America about being honorable to the American flag and what it stands for in over 200+ years of America’s freedom and birth as a country.

Now, since the fiasco hit the airwaves nationally, the Eugene City Council officially held their first recital of the Pledge of Allegiance in Eugene – only to create more fuel to the fire, one city councilor decided it was un-American and he stood aside during the recital of the pledge of allegiance.

The incident stunned those attending the city council meeting – but, what really gets to my nerves is? Why in the hell is this guy even on the city council and not being a true American! Communism seems to be his forbidden stance to step aside, I suppose – what was Councilman George Brown thinking?

Brown was asked by a local reporter about his stance on not taking the oath, while his fellow seven city councilors stood at attention and recited the pledge of allegiance during the city council meeting. Brown states, “he was all talked out” about the reciting the oath during council meetings.

Now, something smells fishy here about an elected official of the city, voted to represent the city of Eugene and the ward he represents, has more than likely caused more fuel to the chaotic fire already brewing across the country on Eugene’s stance to say the oath only four times a year.

Now, I’m starting to feel Council Brown surely isn’t one happy puppy with a chip on his shoulder that didn’t expect to recite the pledge of allegiance during city council meetings was a requirement. Well, common sense prevails literally tubby, if you can’t say the oath during city council meetings – your literally un-American.

Simple as a grain of salt.


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