Writing, blogging makes a goal

freelanceblogwriterHave you ever wondered what your ultimate goal would be if you set a goal for a year? Six months or maybe even three months down the road? What do you feel it can achieve in your ultimate timing as a blogger, writer or just for ultimate kicks in the “let’s see where we go with this project and more?”

Fame? Loathing the rich into chaos? Rubbing shoulders with Perez Hilton or perhaps landing the ultimate dream blog column of the year for a major scribe? The possibilities are endless – your mind is wondered into the chime of cyberspace with a ultimate goal to become something of a sensation that people can relate too with a voice.

You’ve probably seen the movie, “Julia and Julie,” about a women who blogs about making every ultimate recipe in Julia Childs Cookbook within a year. She achieves her goal, but, never gets the chance to met her mentor, Julia Childs herself in the course of the year she spends making the 500 plus recipes in Childs book. Not only does she stop there at making those recipes her goal, she also blogs about that challenges and ordeals of making Child’s precious recipes as well.

As a writer and blogger there are many goals and feats we’d like to do with our work. But, the ultimate goal we put forth is to make the ends meet at the end. Not, just by writing or blogging for money, but – for the ease of writing the written word and the harmony of realizing that your work is actually being read on the internet and around the world.

You’ve become a voice of sorts – something that people can relate too. Something that makes people talk and drives traffic to your blog or website.

You could be sitting in a cubicle in the middle of nowhere, far and centered from New York’s Central Park on the 26th floor of a high rise, over looking the Hudson – writing and blogging, a dream that most bloggers and writers would attempt for a chair of the money to write for a scribe many floor high above Manhattan.

“Cherished and noble,” it brings sweetness to my ears, that the world is watching from the far reaches of the world, where internet and computer access if available. The blogs we write, pick up followers, you get noticed in your prime as a writer and the more merrier as a blogger as well.

Something like Facebooks, Mark Zuckerberg did when Facebook was still in its infancy along the way of its birth in the early days of social media.

Your deadlines are those you set yourself, your time at the keyboard is the time you set, day or night – ultimately, it’s the creative process that sets your desire on fire to write and to blog the ultimate idea, that brings you the ultimate pleasure of putting your work forth to those on the internet and cyberspace audience that makes you known to the world.

I’m skeptical as to what I want to do with the project or how to master the goal into a known reality. I know that every blogger strives for readership, traffic and followers. For some the seriousness of writing and blogging full time seems more like a leap into the unknown a daily routine of sorts, right out of boot camp.

So let’s see where this goes and how we take and manage the topics along the way? Perhaps, I could take a sheet out of the “Julia and Julie” play book and post the goal of how how many blog posts I can do in a six months to a year? Tough choice to pick, but, it’s a start to begin with, so how about hoping on the stagecoach and enjoy the ride.


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