An American heritage: The Caves and the Battlegrounds

jeff's photos 016 I dream of camping in the woods along a spring of water for life. There’s no danger of flooding or the fierce howling winds in the fall and winter and the sweltering heat in the summer months, I’m literally sheltered in my own cavern network where the warmth and shelter is amazingly astounding to believe.

The howls of living in a cave is mere fantasy, but, real in the natures life for those that actually live in a cave of their own. I once read a story out of Phoenix, Arizona or somewhere there about, where some folks have a home of their own in the caves.

It would’ve been something out of a western novel, where the history of the wild west still rules in the shadows and the spirits of the night. The Indian spirits run among the quiet sands of the desert dust of where America’s past time lays in spiritual peace.

The spirits are the rested souls that protect the land in question. The medicine men were the tireless souls that were called upon to dwell the spirits of those whom have passed on into spirit to protect the country’s fast treasures of history.

Imagine, the life of roaming buffalo and herds of cattle drives to survive the winter months of cold to survive on the last remaining frontier tribes, long and far from civilization.

When we look at our past in history, we wonder about the lives that have been changed since, the day, the Indians roamed the great deserts and forested lands of the great country, they called home. Their search for the great land they call their own, until the breakup of their frontiers and tribes of state, they raged war against the “White eye” and the armies that came to fight their existence to bear lands of their own in common peace.

I can only imagine, the battles that raged across the heartland, the south and the Pacific Northwest in search of the promised land. Their heartfelt anger and the trouncing moments of war with thongs of US Army Cavalry soldiers only made things worse as they sought their place in history.

General Custer lost the battle in his division where war was undisputed between the two factions of life, soldiers and indians. There were no clear winners in his last battle, but large losses of life, that changed the tides of history. The General was underestimated to begin with in the battle to drive the indians back to their reservations. It was brutal and fatal, Custer and his men were out numbered and went down as the worst epic battle disaster in history of the United States Army.

Dreams and stories of the old west hold the keys to the mysteries of the caverns of America, where the rich history and spiritual acclaim once told the amazing stories of courage and sacrifice to survive the battles of life, where heritage was once promising – the battle raged onward for a lifetime.


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