The retirement era

My Mother’s retirement was evident. She not only put in more than thirty years with the state of Oregon’s Department of Human Services or “DHS” as it’s known today. She started working with the state, shortly, after our move to Oregon from California in the late sixties early ‘70’s.

She continued to work in the medical field as a hospital surgical tech until she started working with the state in the 1970’s. I was just starting public school during the “Nixon/Ford years” in the White House. The Nixon presidency was interesting, because, I remember watching in the news during the time of the 70’s, when President Richard Nixon was facing “The Ugly Truth” for his role in the “Watergate Scandal.”

The son of bitch literally gave up the role in the nations highest executive office and walked out on the American public, even though, two hungry reporters of the Washington Post, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward were hot on Nixon’s ugly truth trial at the same time. Their incredible journalistic reporting brought down the Nixon White House in the smack burst in the middle of the Vietnam War, “Watergate” Nixon’s legacy of scandal during his tenure as President.

But, the Watergate years, didn’t stop my mother from working her future years in life and raising her only Son with the help of her sister and brother-in-law and her loving parents.

Life served great things during the course of her sixty five years of being a “working girl.” Imagine the lifetime of working long hours and tirelessly for many years since the age of 18, fresh out of high school, college and med school for being a surgical tech in her heyday.

He life has forever been change with tragic events that have given her memories and worries of being on her own without a buddy or a shoulder to lean on since my Aunt Birdie, her only sister and sibling. I watched the struggles through the years since, the day my grandfather passed away and saw the dramatics of life take place in various deaths in the family, my grandfather, uncle, aunt, than than finally my grandmother not too long ago back in 2009, just two two days shy of Christmas – it would be a holiday to remember of having a holiday without her last surviving parent.

The buddy system was long gone and lost somewhere in time where change eventually has taken over lives most precious dramas and encores. Shortly after my grandmother passed away, her life began to change, she fought an infection with diabetes in her left leg, that result in three surgical amputations of her toes, foot, than her leg below the knee.

I’m shattered to threads and beats down the path to see her life change in such a sudden way – perhaps, it was a way of getting her to “slow down” a bit with life and enjoy the scenery and to rejoice the smell of the roses once again in her retirement years.

I miss the daily email chats we’ve had together since, her on the job accident took things into perspective and the amputation of her leg and foot took place in these few short months. However, the surgeries didn’t stop there, she also lost her middle finger on her right hand as well.

She sounds so spirited with life as she recovers from her surgeries and looks forward to walking once again as she gets her new prosthesis leg after she heals from her surgical wounds her life would be wielded for the better of life. It’s more amazing how peoples lives change with a disease and how they adapt to the changes for the better and the merrier to achieve their goals and strengths and weaknesses into positive lights of life.

“It’s only curable, if you want it to be – for some, its just the opposite of life with a reality to survive.”


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