Thy unknown

space galaxy In today’s world, we always wonder what the world will evolve into the future as our days go onward – toward time. I sit out on the poolside of my backyard under a clear sky as the sun sets toward the west, the blue skies are almost darken into the night darkness and the stars are about to do their nightly twinkle twilight show – the thought about the paranormal starts to gather into my thoughts about the afterlife and what is out there in the universe?

The thought, that we are not alone on earth actually gets me into thinking – there is another civilization lurking the galaxies of the Milky Way and the universe as a whole. Skeptics would tell you, “hell yah, there’s something fishy about this planet” and the actions of our government is outrages.” But, paranormally – is there really something out there?

Perhaps, that’s why, I became a paranormal investigator in the first place? Sorry, Charlie, it wasn’t because of the three beautiful “angels” you hired to work as private detectives, but, sure, “Indiana Jones” would take them as true sidekicks anytime over a fury fit with “Chewbacca.”

Just the other day, I was thinking? All the science fiction shows, we see on television were created by the great writing minds of Gene Rodenberry, Alex Hayley, and a host of other’s that produced the excellence of space travel as a golden sign of our imagination of traveling through space and time looking for signs of life and exploration of unknown planets in the far reaches of our own galaxy.

At the same time, I read an article that was published online earlier last week, about an Astronaut from NASA, saying, “he too believes there is something out there.” I couldn’t agree more with his assessment.  If the United States Government has knowledge of such knowledge, that there is another life form in the far reaches of space or nearby planets and galaxies, they should release their findings to the to the world – not just America, but the entire planetary system where life is known to them. That we know of their very existence from earth.

At least it would rid the rumor mills of their skeptical consequences with true facts and twirls that have made skeptics abound with conspiracy theories for centuries.

On a side note, SETI lost its funding, but, bounced back into the foray of scanning the skies for signs of life and far away radio signals as the heavens try to reach earth – SETI can thank the abundance of new funding to Actress Jodie Foster, who played a scientist looking for such signs of life in the movie, “CONTACT.”

SETI’s foray into its continuous work of scanning the deep reaches of space can contribute to another alien contact as they did back in the early 1980’s. No radio signals have been reached since, than. However, this doesn’t really eliminate the equation that the aliens and the afterlife have given up on contacting us here on earth.

Perhaps, “E.T.” is just taking a break from hamming it out over the airwaves and waiting for his previous QSL card from SETI? – before attempting another round of earth bound communications with the earthlings of this planet.

It’s pure humanoid myth to think, the world is coming to an end in 2012? I hope the skeptics are proven wrong, as their mythology is proven resistant in finding the truth that life exists outside our solar system.

Today’s world is even more strange, than, that of the worlds most famous minds that have attempted to read the past, present and future. It brings me into wondering if were really alone on earth or if there are aliens walking among us in today’s life form? The life forms of life can only be answered in its own true meaning and matter if the minds of government conspiracy and know it all became truthful in their contradictions and trustworthy of the revelation of its own existence.

Only time will tell – Perhaps, we should take a sheet out of “LOST” playbook and reveal the inner truths of our own beliefs.

“…It is said, that the truth is out there, finding it is just the piece of the puzzle to begin with.”


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