The Point of no return

jeff's photos 002Images of the world have changed since the war began ten years ago – 9/11 was the turning point. “The point of no return”.

Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, everywhere walk, drive and read, you hear about the “OCCUPY PROTESTS”. These protests remind me of the 1960’s, when the height of the Vietnam War was just getting underway.

In reality its damage control – protesting that has caused collateral damage and that has made lots of “noise”. Noise, that it has achieved somewhat of a goal, where protestors have protested the “Big Banks” of America’s economy.

This past weekend, nationwide and around the world, protests were held to what was called – “The bank transfer day”. Millions of American’s closed their accounts with their banks, such a Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and moved their money accounts to the local fanfare of Credit Unions and locally owned banks.

Has America, learned from these protests? Perhaps, their voice is getting around and people are starting to wake up. But? Is it really don’t any good to the American economy, that those in the big bangs see greed as way to manifest their capital gains.

Have they lost their trust in their customers and clients and vise versa?

Many protestors have denounced to the use of violence in some cities to make a point, but, they are doing nothing, but causing damage control to themselves and their movement.

Some protest, such as those in Eugene, Oregon, have been peaceful so far and clashes with police have not materialized as of yet. However, the general public is making some noise with the City Council and the Police Department as to why they are allowing illegal camping in certain areas of Eugene.

First, they stormed and took over the downtown park blocks at 8th and Oak Street. Than, the folks who operate the Saturday Market on Saturday’s, were concerned about their presence on the park blocks – however, they moved and went to a public park.

They took up residence in Alton Baker Park, a popular family in downtown Eugene overlooking the historic Willamette River.

The community wasn’t happy about the transformation of the move – The protestors were starting to get intermixed with those who are homeless and needed a safe heaven to avoid police scrutiny and harassment.

Why has the city of Eugene, allowed these folks to camp illegally, rather than having the police department enforce the laws of the city? Perhaps, they are still fresh in memory of previous protests have gone haywire and sparked riots and collateral damage.

I can not understand why – these people have decided take over this city. Of course it is free speech, but, camping in public places rather than in their homes and the likes, nothing beats being disrespectful to the people of the community, that work and live for what they call home.

I guess? This is a new century with a new meaning? It’s been ten years since 9/11 – the war in the Middle East is widening down, but, the war at home remains to be seen with those that oppose corporate greed of those on Wall Street.

America needs to be free of the greed from such corporations that have ruined the lives of so many Americans and those around the world.

How will our children understand, what those went through during the crash of 1929? With two recessions already her belt, America has a chance to rejoice peacefully from corporate greediness.

Perhaps, this is a century to learn from? But, not to protestant and violent way.

It is only to be seen at what the future holds as they continue to hold the fort at the bullhorns of the “occupiers” camp.

Hopefully – it will end soon.


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