What is “Occupy?”

If you’ve ever been to downtown Eugene near the Washington and Jefferson Street Bridge, you may have noticed a large encampment of “Occupy Eugene Protestors” camping out in the Whitaker Neighborhood Park, near Skinners Butte Park in Eugene.

A friend recently posted on her Facebook wall, that she was disgusted at what she saw as she drove near the park on her recent trip home through downtown Eugene. She was dismayed at the amount of homeless people living and merging with those of the Eugene Occupy protestors. But, what really intrigued me about her post was about the amount of trash she had seen as she drove by the park on West 6th Avenue.

I have yet to see the encampment myself and the situation involved at the Washington and Jefferson Street neighborhood park. As a resident, writer/blogger and member of the Human Rights Accessibility Committee, it makes me wonder why the city of Eugene is allowing these people free reigns of the city’s camping ordinances

We the spectators on the otherside of the fence, often wonder how much money is spent to keep these folks at bay and peace? It was already reported locally on a local news station, that it is already costing the city of Eugene over $100,000 to police the encampment of the Eugene Occupy crowd – it’s a strange movement, but at least they are behaving themselves in the long run, which is good to know.

But, when comes time to tear down the camp under the Washington and Jefferson Street Bridge in downtown Eugene, it could literally get out of hand like the Occupy folks in Portland, Or., and elsewhere where violence has taken the protestors to the streets by storm.

It’s only hopeful that the Eugene crowd would be more mellower than that and head the advice of the city to disperse quietly and peacefully. But, many predict, it can become an ugly entanglement between protestors and police – literally a dangerous combination between the to factions. Still not a good premise for a storyline if you ask me.

Washington and Jefferson Neighborhood isn’t prepared for such a fiasco and fight between the two parties – the city and the protestors. Many with memories still fresh in their minds from the Broadway Street and Charnelton protest for the 1990’s after tree setters faced off with police, merited in some strange tactics which called the differences between two escalated into a pepper spray melee between police, protestors and members of the media.

Strange as it can be – this one strange century to begin with in the twenty-first century and reminder, that political avenues are are still a way of life with those who protest and those who claim their using free speech – it’s just the opposite if you ask me, point blank.

Can heaven wait?

clockThese are the last few weeks of the year 2011 – as we, boldly go into the unknown characteristics of 2012. The new year seems to be written as a mere classic “science fiction novel” of sorts, due to the subject matter surrounding “2012 and the end of the world.”

It is evident that those who dwell into the “end of days”, feel it’s the timing that begins with one’s trust in the most powerful phenomenon they carry on their person each and everyday – their faith and trust in God.

People have tried for many years to “predict” the end of time – but, there is only one person who knows when that fatal hour and time will be, God himself.

Those whom have tried to predict the following of the last days, have never hit the ball out of the ballpark for a homerun around the baseball diamond. Many have been heckled and mislead by those who feel in their righteous timing of the day is coming.

I only feel the earth is going through a transition period of some kind, not – that, of the earth falling apart as seen in the movie, “2012” with John Cusack.

I leave my faith in God and his will, it’s the only way to make things more merrier in heaven, than it is here on earth. Someone, once told me, “this is hell – and were, living it, right now,” as I was told many years ago, by someone I used to work with in my previous profession in the restaurant business.

It’s mystic and a reality, life is only free, as what we do with it here on this planet – those can make it better for themselves, if they choose do to so. As for others? That’s up to them if they do wrong, heaven will deal with it over time and forgiveness from the Lord can be done swiftly to the right to the good in a snap.

Heaven, as we know it, is out there in the universe. It’s yet to be found by scientists and the likes. It’s my belief that heaven is out there somewhere in the universe, a place we’ve not found in the lives and generations we now life with on earth.

The universe is a big bubble of space with many generations and a carnage of mysteries to be solved by science in today’s world. It almost seems like a case for Scully and Muddler, as the truth is out there – somewhere, one day, they’ll find the answer of a lifetime, eventually.

Rose Bowl Bound Ducks, President’s job on the line

It starts with the win of a championship, which becomes the tale of an incredible college football season, that capped off an enormous fairy tale ending with a 49-31 win for the #9 University of Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium Friday night against the UCLA Bruins.

The nationally televised game on FOX drew a standing and sellout crowd in Eugene as frigid temperature hovered into the mid 30s and lower toward the end of the game. Chip Kelly took his flock of Ducks from rough start early in the season to a an incredible finish in the schools history for a third time is charm to rebirth to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in Ducks first ever Pac-12 Championship win over the Bruins.

The Ducks three-peat to the Rose Bowl, began it’s fabled historical march after two meetings in Pasadena in the 20th century and for the first time in the 21st century, the school becomes the only college in the United States to make three trips to the city of Roses and the Rose Bowl on New Years Day.

The Rose Bowl has been known as the crown jewel of national championships in the history of College sports, such as the Super Bowl is known as the golden crown of professional football. Rather, you’re a college or professional sports fan, the 2012 Rose Bowl is shaping up to be in exciting football game on New Years Days as for the opponent, we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of the match up Bowl Championship Series continues among the nations colleges still in the running for bids to national championship games in the coming weeks.

With President Lariviere on the mend to leave the University at the end of the year, due do his contract dispute with the Oregon Board of Higher Education, the board effectively terminated his contract, which was set to expire in June of 2012, he’s reportedly leaving the University of Oregon at the end of the school year, I’m betting he’ll leave after the Rose Bowl and once again bring the Oregon Ducks to another winning season as the school’s fairy tale ending and incredible season caps off another successful season in NCCA sports and the Pac-12 innaugural first season.

Lariviere’s legacy leaves the University in limbo as a popular school president that the staff, faculty, students and the communities of Eugene-Springfield have admired for his generosity – His termination has triggered so much anger, that he has built and brought in more students than any other president in the school’s history along with new student housing, a new basketball arena, renowned football stadium and athletic facilities for fledging sports program and more.

The state board of higher education should reverse Richard Lariviere’s termination and reconsider their decision in continuance of his contract with the University of Oregon as President. I would have to see the dispute go any further than a court battle for his job back, with mounting support from students to teachers and staff and community member and of course other state colleges – their decision terminate Lariviere was a mounted mistake on their part and influencing the Governor of Oregon to go along with their decision.

The Governor is likely to lose any re-election votes his decision has caused in support of the UO Presidents job termination, in fact he’s already lost one – mine.