Nightlight in the darkness

 space galaxy
When the night becomes densely dark – there’s life behind the dense fog, that has layered the valley floor for miles. In the age and day, where many folks are “skeptic” of what traditions lies inside the fog – it has become the topic of the night.

The seasonal traditions, behind the folklore and story telling has mended the minds of many, whom have passed on, into the darkness of life. Their travels have brought on the fairness of survival and set the stage to the ultimate truth of the nightlight in the darkness.

From the “Witches of Eastwick” to the cantor of ministries, the truth lies behind books of freedom, known as the book of truth.

You walk alone, as the night gets colder, you wonder what creeps into the unseen forces of the darkness. They dwell in their own world, they see and hear us from another portal of the realm that we can not see. We have heard them in their screams and yelps for help as the hour of darkness dwells into the night  – they, try for our attention and affection from the “otherside,” hoping somewhere along the way, we get their “cue,” letting us known that they are here?

The afterlife is like a nightlight we can not see, but, they can see and dwell among our world without notice day and night. It’s the price we pay when the fog rolls into town under the cover of darkness.

Rather, you have seen such shows as “Ghost Hunters” on the Syfy Channel or “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel or even the Penn State kids from Penn State University’s, “Paranormal Research Society” on the A&E Channel or the motion picture movie franchise “Paranormal Activity,” which has become a sensational box office hit with movie goers around the world. The franchise as become the ultimate go around for such questions regarding those whom have experienced the ultimate world of paranormal activity during the course of their life.

The mind does strange things we can not understand? But, we know enough (for some) to understand the realities of life beyond the life of the living and those of the “otherside.”

One’s nightlight is enough to scare the darkness into the light and into the realms of the “light” – which, is the brightest light you can see into heavens, when our times come to move forward to a new life and dimension and reality.

I could never understand, why? – after we pass on from our human life here and ascend to heaven to begin a new life there in another dimension and time. I know, it’s a fact from God’s will after we leave earth for the kingdom. But, for those who have decided not to cross over, just yet – it has become ultimate question of asking the late Jimmy Stewart’s character, “George Bailey” in the movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” just how the reality works?

Stewart’s movie has become an annual holiday favorite, telling the story of ole George Bailey and his guarding angel “Clearance” during George’s time of despair in his life during the Christmas Holidays.

It’s the story the brings the nightlight too, many wonderful meanings during the holidays, especially at Christmas time. But – many often wonder, if there has even been a “real” George Bailey effect,” where one has experienced the realms of one’s guardian angel in life?

Has they say – “The question lies with the truth and the realities of life.”

As you wonder into the night with your nightlight, think about the most impressive things in life that have made a difference in your family’s life, including that of your own – It’s only the tale of Christmas and the dense fog that brings out the most happiness of the holidays. But, it does show the meaning of something special;

As Clarence wrote in his note to George in his bible, “Thanks for the wings, remember, no man is a failure who has friends! Love Clarence” – I have always sense the beauty of that message to George Bailey. It often reminds me of my own friends and those who have left behind the meaning of love and forgiveness that would last a lifetime, until we see them again in another realm of life.

As Agent Muddler and Scully would say – “The truth is out there!”

The light to one’s nightlight into the darkness can never burn out, it can never vanish from the realities of life as long as you believe in the spirit of Christmas and the enjoyment of miracles into the holidays – God’s love is always the important part of one’s life, one’s entire life to be exact. You know that feeling is there, but, the powers to be seen is a whole different story behind the folklore of Christmas.

It’s the meaning and truth we all seek at one time or another in the course of our own lives. There’s nothing more precious than what we believe in the truth of Christmas as we see it today in the twenty-first century.

It lives on forever with the light shining as bright as we opted for in the first place – it’s our one and only light to get us home and back to our families to begin with.

Thanks Jesus.

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