70 years ago: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

70 years ago, America entered World War Two with Japan, as the allied troops were fighting overseas in Europe with the Germans, along side the Russians and European union troops to liberate the axis of evil nation, Germany from the aftermath of the Holocaust, that killed millions of innocent Jews under German rule.

The attack on Pearl Harbor seventy years ago on December 7th, 1941, awoke a gentle giant from her sleeping ship and brought the country further into despair as WWII dragged on.

The surprise assault from the Japanese further strained the relations between the two countries as the Japanese Navy furiously destroyed parts of the American navy fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor.

The surprise attack by the Japanese took out 8 Battleships, 4 of them were destroyed or sunk, 3 Cruisers, 3 Destroyers, 1 Anti-Aircraft Training Ship and one Minelayer – their intended targets were the American Carriers, but – none were in the harbor at the time of the attack.

2,402 people were killed with more than, 1,282 wounded.

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