Science finds another “Earth” near the sun!

space galaxy “Houston, we have a problem – we’ve found another Earth type planet like our very own, miles away from home!” Imagine how, those enchanting words and the sounds of discovery would sound in Mission Control, if the mission were a live manned space flight, zillions of miles from earth in the far reaches of space, near our own star – the Sun.

The solar system is full of mysteries to be discovered or waiting to be discovered in the course of one’s expenditures of the stargazing scientist or the amateur stargazer looking for his or her extraordinary discovery to fame.

There are millions and zillions of planets surrounding our solar system and beyond. But, the one’s we are not sure about, are those outside of our own galaxy – the far reaches of deep space, which could be generations and centuries into our future, that we don’t know about.

The meaning of science is the meaning of discovery for all man-kind. I would hate to see the theory destroyed beyond skepticism and into reality. But, very few never seem to know the reality could exist beyond our own beliefs. Of Course, Science Officer Spock could be right and logical of his own theories and discoveries as a Vulcan.

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Alec Baldwin on “No Fly List?”

ABC News World News Now reported over the weekend, that Actor Alec Baldwin may have been put on the so-called – “No Fly List,” after his recent meltdown on an American Airlines flight earlier this week. What makes the story more interesting is putting a famous Hollywood celebrity on the so called “No-fly List.”

Baldwin’s actions may have been a little temper mental to begin with, but, his actions aren’t tolerated by those in the airline industry in the recent spat of sarcasm, he delivered to the flight crew before being kicked off his original flight and rerouted to another later flight to his intended destination earlier this week.

It’s kind of crappy to be on the no-fly list, when you’re a major Hollywood meltdown, but, in the long run, the scrabble game he was playing at the time on his cellphone before being kicked off his flight, surged to over 100,000 more accounts and players according to news reports.

Now, that’s an interesting fact to know!

Perhaps, Alec Baldwin will have to go the route of the late coach John Madden – by BUS…, Madden had a dislike for flying so, he took a private coach bus to wherever he needed to go during the days of his on air football personality with NBC Sports many years ago or he can fund his own private Lear Jet and have a pilot of his own willing to be employed as his own captain and business partner in getting from Point A to Point B – now, getting overseas, would be an entirely different story;

He’ll need a totally converted C-130 of his own to get from Point A to Point B, with a special agreement for in-flight fuel stops with the US Air Force! Seriously, think about it – a Hollywood Actor such a Alec Baldwin with his own C-130 converted for a king and a dent that would net him the prestige of a mogul, by the way, Donald Trump doesn’t apply here to begin with, the gold head already has enough problems of his own.

But, Alec Baldwin could be fit for a king, if he at least tried to be more considerate with the flight crews of American Airlines, he would have no problem flying the big airlines today with no trouble of trying to get his stupid name of the No-Fly List.

“…., ouch!” is my final answer to the questionable antics of Alec Baldwin.