Science finds another “Earth” near the sun!

space galaxy “Houston, we have a problem – we’ve found another Earth type planet like our very own, miles away from home!” Imagine how, those enchanting words and the sounds of discovery would sound in Mission Control, if the mission were a live manned space flight, zillions of miles from earth in the far reaches of space, near our own star – the Sun.

The solar system is full of mysteries to be discovered or waiting to be discovered in the course of one’s expenditures of the stargazing scientist or the amateur stargazer looking for his or her extraordinary discovery to fame.

There are millions and zillions of planets surrounding our solar system and beyond. But, the one’s we are not sure about, are those outside of our own galaxy – the far reaches of deep space, which could be generations and centuries into our future, that we don’t know about.

The meaning of science is the meaning of discovery for all man-kind. I would hate to see the theory destroyed beyond skepticism and into reality. But, very few never seem to know the reality could exist beyond our own beliefs. Of Course, Science Officer Spock could be right and logical of his own theories and discoveries as a Vulcan.

Earth has been alive for billions of years, her exact age isn’t quite exactly known, but, it has been said, it has been centuries and she has been through turbulent times of history, since the birth of the planet.

NASA would like to have a way to continue the Manned Space Flight Program, but, congress has yet to restore funding to the mothballed Space Shuttle Program and increase budget money for the new space vehicles to ferry those into space for such manned missions to the Moon and Mars and other destinations for manned space flight – including the International Space Station (ISS).

It would be an amazing discovery of scientific discovery, if there is life outside of our own planet and universe. But, how serious are those in our world really into wanting to discover life outside of our own planet and why?

There could be many answers to the debated question above, but – seriously, do you readers feel there is human or alien life-forms outside of our solar system, of course human’s outside of our planet could be considered alien’s, but, how much do they really harbor of human life as we know it today on earth?

The discovery of this new “earth-like” planet raises some stealthy questions to scientists today about extraterrestrial life in space. The new earth planet recently found, orbits the sun in a total of 290 days, compared to that of our own in 365 days, which makes it an astonishing discovery to scientists and the possibility of life on another world.

It almost sounds like a science fiction movie of sorts, but the realities of life and space have their possibilities to be discovered. When Actress Jodi Foster was in the movie “Contact” her character discovered sounds from afar that no one really believed was possible – only the folks at SETI believe there is, for others its pure skepticism to believe the theory of life outside of earth.

I dwell that science can detect the possibility somehow, somewhere into the future – but, our lifetimes here on earth are numbered, not because of the saga and propaganda involving “2012” and the “end of the world” theories. I somehow have this, feeling that there is the possibility that the discovery could or can not happen in our own lifetimes – but, the possibility still sits there, in way.

When and if it is discovered – it is my only hope, is that, the alien life form or discovery of human life outside of our planet is democratic and peaceful and they mean no harm to those on earth. Remember how the “Cylons” portrayed humans in the earlier versions of Battlestar Galactica in the 1980s, while a different version was later updated in the early 2000’s as they searched for our planet in hope’s of colonizing it for a better life for all.

Fiction makes things sound like possibilities – the works of science is the truth to the theory and the bigger piece of the puzzle. The discovery is just the beginning.

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