Occupy Eugene–they blew it!

  So, Occupy Eugene folks interrupted a Eugene City Council Meeting Monday night with a planned Choir – Now, who’s corny idea was this to make a bad impression to the members of the city council, when they had the chance to make a very SERIOUS GOOD CHANCE to make an impression to council members for an extension of their December 15th deadline to vacant the Washington and Jefferson Street Park.

Some Council members left the council chambers has the choir continued to disrupt the city council meeting Monday night. However, council members decided to postpone the vote until Wednesday, December 14th. One councilor proposed an extension of 45 days at the current site, but, it’s unknown how that will fair well with city officials as they have been taken a lot of heat from various city residents about the encampment in the Whitaker Neighborhood.

What is even more interesting is the Eugene Police Department has sent council members a current Police Report of current criminal activity that has been ongoing inside the Occupy camp, as well, according to various local news reports. 

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Republican debates a scripted circus?

  The Republican debates are considered serious debates. But, on the other hand, the current pool of candidates for the Republican nomination for the White House in 2012, looks like a bunch of circus clowns fighting with one another and no have serious debate of who wins or loses in the race to begin with.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is reportedly a likely front runner since, Herman Caine dropped out of the race earlier last week. Gingrich’s popularity was reportedly surging forward in the pools ahead of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The latest round of debates were so corny, that is looked like a scripted circus act – period, rather than a civilized honest debate between candidates running for President and the White House.

The strangest twisted part was when, candidate Mitt Romney bet, candidate Rick Perry, $10,000 on live television – it has been reportedly said, the Romney admits, he was “out of touch” with reality, according to news reports, early this morning.

Like, I said, the Republican fools for debating seems more like a scripted circus. As a voter, that tells me a lot about the republicans and their efforts at reshaping America in 2012. I’m just hoping that the Democratic Party can do better across the isle in getting the needed message to voters in hoping to continue the reshaping of America with President Obama still in the White House for a second term.

Even, though – the folks across the isle have been accusing the President of “micro-managing” the Government and taking the country into despair. Not, to forget, former President George W. Bush, stole the presidential election for his elusive gain from Al Gore before the start of 9/11 and the war on terror.

“Good grief, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the red baron were right – this was surely enough the scripted fools debate!” At least Alec Baldwin was the talk of the town through the rest of the week for his triad and burgundy meltdown on an American Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles.

Now, explain that…!

When can political candidate’s ever get serious about debating and start talking serious issues, when asked by the moderators of the debate? Media circus debates like this seem to turn some the serious voters off and lean them toward voting for the opposition of the Democratic Party or some other comedy troupe party, such as the Independent and Tea Party’s.

Oh please – Don’t make Sarah Palin blush on this one, she’s the worst of the candidates of all. In fact she did so poorly during the run with Arizona Senator John McCain in the last election run, that she got duped into being a pawn by the McCain camp and their insurgency of rapid fire misgivings.

This round of Presidential debates for the White House are pretty much looking the same, as if George W. Bush were still running for President – however, the Democratic Party has remained low, while the Republicans maintain their circus venue with Republican voters across the country.

Something tells me, this is not the party that American voters should be voting in November 2012 during the Presidential Elections.

On the other hand? It might just help the cause for President Obama’s bid for re-election to the White House for a second term.