Occupy Eugene–they blew it!

  So, Occupy Eugene folks interrupted a Eugene City Council Meeting Monday night with a planned Choir – Now, who’s corny idea was this to make a bad impression to the members of the city council, when they had the chance to make a very SERIOUS GOOD CHANCE to make an impression to council members for an extension of their December 15th deadline to vacant the Washington and Jefferson Street Park.

Some Council members left the council chambers has the choir continued to disrupt the city council meeting Monday night. However, council members decided to postpone the vote until Wednesday, December 14th. One councilor proposed an extension of 45 days at the current site, but, it’s unknown how that will fair well with city officials as they have been taken a lot of heat from various city residents about the encampment in the Whitaker Neighborhood.

What is even more interesting is the Eugene Police Department has sent council members a current Police Report of current criminal activity that has been ongoing inside the Occupy camp, as well, according to various local news reports. 

  One incident included a $4,000 camera sold for drugs and more, including fights, the report said, which local news media reported last week. The release of the police report dismay’s those inside the encampment, that things are relatively calm and peaceful – even though police logs indicate various response times to the Occupy camp.

If Occupy Eugene wants to stay at their current location, they’ll have gummy up support from the those on the City Council and show that they are SERIOUS about helping the community, otherwise, it’s pink slip and eviction time per the city after Thursday’s deadline on December 15th.

However, the city council decided to postpone their vote on the Occupy Eugene’s fate until after the December 15th deadline, which is on Thursday of this week – just a tad 48 hours away.

So, far, it seems Occupy Eugene was never serious about wanting to help the community, instead, instead they decided  to continue to spread widespread collateral damage of misbehavior along the way with no credible plan on being a reliable source to the community and structuring to help with the homeless community as reported last week.

It makes no sense, when you disrupt a city council meeting with protestors who have cost thousands of dollars in overtime and infrastructure incompetency to the city and other occupy locations around the country.

Civil disobedience seems to be their “favorite” past time. So, far their peaceful protesting has paid off in a way without getting entangled with an army of black clad police officers in riot gear. Except for the small clash they had at the Chase Bank location at one recent event during their stop the bank day last month.

Whatever happened to the generosity of respect one another and your fellow residents and neighbors? The latest showdown with the Eugene City Council sure says a lot about Occupy Eugene to begin with – But, the Occupy Eugene group sure blew their chance to chance to make a difference and a serious enough impression instead of making a fool of themselves in front of council members to begin with.

This surely sounds like a “wicked” match for the wicked of the east, but, the big bad wolf is still out on the lose and needs to be corralled into it’s pen before the worst of the worst takes place in never say never land!

It’s trike two, with no outs or no bases loaded at the top of the ninth inning! Now – lets see if the bottom of the ninth inning is any better than the last? The more likely scenario can be a lean for or against the extension of the December 15th deadline or give them an eviction notice and risk a riot downtown between police, protestors and the homeless in an all out fight and battle to stay at the Washington/Jefferson Street Park location.

The area between 6th and 7th Streets in downtown Eugene of the Washington and Jefferson Street park is becoming an “eyesore” of sorts for people coming into west Eugene via 6th street and for those coming into downtown via 7th Street.

One person, I met and spoke to said, it looked like an old disillusioned carnival shack from hell!

Various community boards across the country, including Facebook have been a springboard in spreading their message and cause, but, many folks say, Occupy “itself” has no structured agenda, but, to call for collateral damage and misbehavior on all fronts to make their statements and cause known – which make some sense in a viable way, since the Occupy protestors arrived in the Eugene area in October.

Occupy and collateral damage is a dangerous game of protesting and should never be practiced to begin with. I was always taught, if you protest something, make the statement short and peaceful and have petition signed and presented in protest to validate the number of people who object to the cause, otherwise – this is what you get and what you see, Occupy and their stupidity!

Whoever came up with the “Occupy Protest” idea should be ashamed of him or herself for promoting such an agenda that is gone hay wire and is spiraling out of control with no signs of slowing down. Such protests like these can be extremely dangerous and lead to factions and civil wars among the right and the wrong.

Dangerously minded as the say – Eugene residents would likely out number, the number of protestors, if they were evicted from Eugene entirely, they’d probably have a hard time getting a free referral ticket to Tombstone, Arizona and the Wyatt Earp’s getting rid of the modern day Clancy’s of Occupiers, in what could become “Dodge Eugene!”.

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