What’s my Christmas wish? The real thing!

  I Dare to dream big at this time of the year.  “Holy cow Batman, what am I thinking!” The gift giving season is already in full swing and the shortage of days until Christmas is already getting closer and closer as “Shamu and Flipper” make their way around the same exhibition tank at SeaWorld.

No folks, I’m not in San Diego either with “Rick and AJ” either, those bubbling private detectives moved to Seattle – so, get over it “Lt.  Marcus P. Brown!” Geez, Downtown Brown still has a bad habit for those bubble gum detectives Diego…

Why in the world am, I talking about a cancelled Detective show in the 21st Century, that ran back in the early 1980’s and was cancelled in 1989 on CBS-TV? – when it’s the Christmas giving season? Don’t ask me! I’m just the writer and blogger doing the typing, so, be it…

Well, your guess is probably better than mine? So, I’ll just leave it at that – for now.

Now, I’m still not totally out of the woods yet, but, I’m still trotting through some tough choices. This town is cold into the low to mid 20’s in this freeze your willy hour of the night. Good thing, I’m still inside and its warm as we keep thinking about those left over thanksgiving seconds.

That sounds like the appetite standards of the Roman food chain!

I’m still not out of the woods and I still need to get the biggest Christmas wish of all time to Santa before, he leaves the North Pole Next week – Hey, I already asked for the “Red Radio Flyer Wagon” years and monsoon’s ago, so, what you people complaining about?

“Yeah right” folks,” I tried the Hummer trick too – didn’t work.

So, gotta think of something else and decent, that would appeal to the nice lady here.

And, someone else already got the Ferrari, so can’t get that either, since, it has Paris Hilton’s name on it! Damn, the pesky blonde is quick and decent with her choices, no wonder why Nicole Ritchie didn’t mention it, in the first place!

Well, let’s see here? In all the years, I can remember – there certainly is something missing indeed, but, what it is certainly eludes my memory in this day and ages of life, guess that’s what you get when your getting into the “ages” these days?

“…Sigh, go figures!” – To be Continued.