The essence of a Christmas Story with a wish

   “Yes – Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” The belief of a little girl in the late 19th Century wrote to a local newspaper and asking, if there was a Santa Claus? Her reality became the essence of a Christmas wish with a dream – that there was an ole jolly Saint Nicolas himself, based on a letter she wrote back in 1897 the New York Sun.

Christmas is one of those special times of the year, where anything anywhere can happen, from the joys of surprises to the joys of miracles and the realities of Christmas spirits. It’s the special time of the year, that makes all the differences to many and for those who seek such guided spirits to the meaning of Christmas.

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My Christmas wish!: Part Deluxe

  With my Christmas wish hanging by the thread and the relevance to the world of the ultimate wish – Santa, still has less than, a week to go before he leaves the North Pole for his around the world trot on Christmas Eve with the spirit of Christmas joy.

I keep telling myself – “You’re an idiot, Newton! A friggin idiot and you still haven’t figured out what the hell your ultimate Christmas wish is…, yet!” Well – something like that. It smells more like a fish at the fish market on Market Street in San Francisco on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Talk about missing the hottest bowl of yummy clam chowder in those lovely sourdough bread bowls!

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