My Christmas wish!: Part Deluxe

  With my Christmas wish hanging by the thread and the relevance to the world of the ultimate wish – Santa, still has less than, a week to go before he leaves the North Pole for his around the world trot on Christmas Eve with the spirit of Christmas joy.

I keep telling myself – “You’re an idiot, Newton! A friggin idiot and you still haven’t figured out what the hell your ultimate Christmas wish is…, yet!” Well – something like that. It smells more like a fish at the fish market on Market Street in San Francisco on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Talk about missing the hottest bowl of yummy clam chowder in those lovely sourdough bread bowls!

“Exactly!” Finally, a crackpot at work for a change folks! Let’s see, if we can get somewhere with this one? The inner strength’s of crackerjack law says, “good lords, he better have a clue to what the hell he wants for Christmas!” Ok, don’t barf the Pepto Bismo, just yet – I’m looking at my everlasting black book of Christmas Presents to see, what I’ve not wished for in ages of the tamale cakes!

Sure, I can wish for a girlfriend? But? Can she win the cooking contest, compared to the last one that took the freeloader to Paris, France – than, to Normandy? Normandy? “Hmm, that was D-DAY, you idiot! What the hell you talking World World Two and to belly goats fighting it with the belly dancers of the Roman empire!”

“Eek!” That’s gotta taste like swordfish with an 18th Century twist of fate. Okay, the charcoal on the BBQ wasn’t set right, so, figures in the taste was a little horseradish. Guess, I can hear Rachel Ray complaining about the clam chowder festival between Boston and San Francisco – Still makes the Forty-Niners stand out over the Green Bay Packers, that’s for sure.

“Alright, alright – now, your talking football, you nimrod! What’s the catch with this one?”

Well, let’s see here? Your probably still tickling with the funny bones? Right? At least, it wasn’t the folks over the at the Chicken Bonz that made the spider sauce for the clam chowder!

Hmm, I wonder if that was the Tea Party to begin with?

Forget – the Tea Party, the chicken tenders sounds like a refreshing meal with a twist. Heck with the Tea Party! Demo pumpkins win the battle of the Roses between the Oregon Ducks and the Wisconsin Badgers.

I smell a Rose Bowl fight for the National Championship – Ducks all the way, baby!

Alright, lets get down to business, before, I start getting complaints about not revealing my genuine Christmas wish of a lifetime.

During the early days of my childhood, I was up to my neck in dreams – dreams, that kept me abound for many years until, I started writing 1986, than, finally blogging in the late to early 2000’s.

The reality of the dream was to write a few hit shows, than maybe a production company of my own? I was so inspired by Stephen J. Cannell and his work before he died. His chair would always be empty on ABC’s “CASTLE” during poker night with Rick Castle and James Patterson.

But, it wasn’t about poker night, it was about writers getting together and sharing their ideas, overwhelmingly while keeping tabs on Castle and Beckett at the same time. I’m over indulged in dreams and reality shows. I only forecast the beginning of my career, not the end of it. Perhaps, it’s just one of those dreams we writers have.

To make the big break on “tubestone” (television) was probably the ultimate goal of the Christmas wish. But, there’s more.

I’m sensing Christmas with a ball and racket – but, a special someone, that I’ve admired for a long time since, I first met her in a lively place called, work. She’s bright and beaming as you could see from a standpoint and a chilling side that would make your best friend say – “she’s the one, dude, she’s the one!”.

That’s, probably the only dream, I’ve ever had was to be a tender loving caring idiot, who’d give his blasting heart a wholesome loving “TLC” to the person of his dreams. I couldn’t see a better way to spend Christmas with her and the kids.

Besides, I still have time to brush up on my TLC skills before I spill the beans to the world – than, I’ll take the heat on the most wonderful days of the year.

Now – let’s see where this goes with the next mission.


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