The essence of a Christmas Story with a wish

   “Yes – Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” The belief of a little girl in the late 19th Century wrote to a local newspaper and asking, if there was a Santa Claus? Her reality became the essence of a Christmas wish with a dream – that there was an ole jolly Saint Nicolas himself, based on a letter she wrote back in 1897 the New York Sun.

Christmas is one of those special times of the year, where anything anywhere can happen, from the joys of surprises to the joys of miracles and the realities of Christmas spirits. It’s the special time of the year, that makes all the differences to many and for those who seek such guided spirits to the meaning of Christmas.

A Christmas wish is something we all want, but, the hardships of reality are the most ignorant things in life that we take for granted. These past few weeks, I’ve started writing more and blogging for some reason (talk about timing here, folks!). The urge has gotten me into the routine that, it’s probably the meaning of good therapy to write and publish at the same time, as I blog and write.

An old friend of mine, newsman and novelist Jim Brown of “24/7” fame, once told me the same thing, that it was therapeutic to write as a writer. I guess, that’s why he snuck out of the house and penned his novel “24/7” at a local McDonalds on Willamette Street! Hot smile

I spend a lot of my time writing at home in my office, than, trotting down to my favorite coffee hangout in the middle of the twilight – grabbing a cup, a pot of coffee, a Sierra Mist with chilled ice, as I sit down in my favorite corner of the restaurant snapping away at the keys and hammering out the editing process over the wireless network.

In fact, I’ve practically made the place, my “second office,” lol.

I spend countless hours checking email, doing research for the next blog or two or three, while budding up with Google, as my search engine of choice and a picture window of the city streets, next to my table.

All, while sitting next to the waitress station and the door to the kitchen, makes the merrier cravings of an outbound office. Seems like, an excellent choice for a writer, who blogs into the night. In fact, I think – this was probably a better outbound office, than Jim had over at McDonalds on Willamette Street before his published his first novel, “24/7”.

But, there is something special about being a writer and blogger – You get called your full first name by two people in the entire joint! The manager and the cute waitress that serves you on the midnight shift, twice a week, including some late swing shifts.

No, my name isn’t, “Joe Fox” either, as in F-O-X, the Tom Hanks character in the movie, “You’ve Got Mail.”

It sort of reminds me of the television comedy – “Cheers,” based on a Boston, Mass., pub of the same name. Now, don’t get me wrong, Carla could be right? But, than, Sam and Diane almost had it, while Rebecca ran off with the plumber and Woody is still seeking re-election to another term to city council, Cliff on the other hand is still Postmaster and for Norm, he’s still dishing it out at his favorite bar stool at the end of the bar.

Sam, on the other hand, is still the luckiest SOB in town with his first love – “the bar!” At least the former Red Sox pitcher came back to Boston for good and his one true love.

There is something special about one waitress that calls me by my full first name – she’s a hard working mother of three, her oldest is about to be thirteen a couple of days before Christmas and, the other two are the special little tykes in her life. We’ve been exchanging the everyday challenges of life, as we see one another during her shifts and my expenditures as a returning patron, who enjoys the food and company of her generosity as a working mother and waitress.

She’s grown so strong, that her work and her kids are her life, but, she also needs the specialty of support and guidance of raising her kids. She can’t do it alone, but, she struggles to make the ends meet. She’s such an inspiration as a working mother – but, surely enough, I strongly believe in her as a person and friend, for who she is.

The Christmas Holidays bring, so many things about Christmas, that it brings a special meaning from a higher power at most wonderful time of the year – the patience and the virtue of being caring friends seems to be something of a venture of a Christmas gift itself?

Perhaps – my grandmother was right? And, My late Aunt as well? I spent my life searching for the perfect Christmas gift, maybe this is it? Maybe it isn’t? But, the feeling is, as if it were something out of a Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks movie, between “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail,” the ending seems the same, as Hanks character meets Meg Ryan’s character in the middle of Central Park with his dog “Brinkley,” as she finally becomes dumbfounded that her man of her dreams was, “Joe Fox” all along from the start.

Christmas miracles and wishes come true in a variety of ways – for some and uniquely for others.

It certainly does have a “George Bailey” feeling in a way, if you ask me. I only know Bedford Falls is somewhere in time, but, the reality of life and Christmas may have a special meaning between a wish and the essence of Christmas. The jolly ole’ St. Nick would probably know the answer, if, I were still a little kid seeking a special gift for Christmas? – but, the feeling and the joys of Christmas hasn’t been felt since, my grandmother passed away in 2009.

Maybe, she knew this was the timing? Like the little girl Virginia, asking, if there’s a Santa Claus? There’s only one way to find out – to ask Santa himself! Maybe, I need to go to Macy’s and drop him a note in the little red box? Hoping for an answer, would be the Christmas wish of a lifetime.

And yes, Virginia, I do believe in Santa Claus, he is very jolly as ever and I too, am hoping for a special Christmas myself from the ole’ jolly Saint Nick, himself – perhaps we all do?

Merry Christmas all.

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