At the movies: The race for the Oscars

  This past week, I’ve been writing and blogging about Christmas. One of blog articles, I wrote turned into a two-parter. It was longer, than, I had originally intended to begin with.

“Who reads this stuff anyways?” I always thought it was horseradish versus Captain King Crap and the Shrimpfest from Marie Calendars! Go figures, someone missed out on the leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving.

Today, I decided to start on something different? I still haven’t decided on what the difference is between, what I intend to write about? Perhaps, it’s just one of those days, when a case of writer’s block comes around from the crystal clear oceans swells of the north Pacific or was that the cold marine air from Alaska, that has been haunting us for weeks now?

  “Figures, someone needs to teach this idiot blog writer how to read the ocean, five-thousand miles from nowhere!” Okay, okay, so it wasn’t the “Love Boat” and “The Pacific Princess.” At least my head can stay stuck in Cancun, so let’s p-a-r-t-y!

While the party is taking place in Cancun, we can settle the score here for Christmas next weekend  – gosh, a week from Sunday? Already? Man, where has time gone these past few weeks? Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving?

“Alright – you nimrod, you should know by now, thanksgiving was more than three weeks away, Christmas is creeping up your alleyway – have you been in the prestige of gift buying mode, yet, Nimrod?”

“Well, well, well……, I’ll plead the 5th amendment first, than you can bitch at me!” That’s how, I’ll plea your honor, while everyone is laughing it up over at the “Central Perk” with the cast of “Friends”.

Alright, alright – let’s get down to business. We blog writer’s write for a living and for some, we write for the fun part of the living, but, don’t make the living – you get it? Well, that’s as simple, as I can tell ya how it is between Andy Dick, Cosmopolitan and Adam Sadler – with the perfection of Jimmy Kimmel searching for Matt Damon’s black book on dating tricks with the hookers on Hollywood Blvd!

“Hmm, that surely makes Dr. Frasier Crane look handsomely done with Madonna cuddling up to his willy dilly!” I have a feeling the Paparazzi would be all over this one, by the time the photo spread of the two reaches the newsstands in an upcoming issue of Hustler Magazine.

Frasier and Madonna? I don’t know about those to coco clocks, but, it surely sounds interesting than, the late Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney movies, I’ve been watching in black and white. In fact who’d remember those two leading men in this day and age?

Both, Cagney and Bogart were screen greats during the 1940s and 50’s and it’s now 2011, ongoing to 2012 and the twenty-first century. Both men were in leading roles during their film careers and have become Hollywood legends in the movie industry. 

As we grow into the twenty-first century, the Hollywood men’s leading role will be an uproot battle, between Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe and host of other leading men, who’ve plowed the box office over the years – not to mention, Mel Gibson as well.

Sequels, rants and more are the likely winners with these men in title roles, as new movie roles are created and well known roles are revived. I’ve yet to see the first silent movie of the 21st century in black and white – rumor has it, supposedly, that it is good and with a likable cast and twist of elegance in filmmaking.

With the Golden Globes recently announced, Actor George Clooney is up for the running of five Golden Globe nominations for his role and other credits in “The Decedents”, which just released to theaters in time for the holidays.

It sounds like the race for the Oscars will be a tightly guarded secret, as they say – but, wait a minute! Doesn’t that make Luke Skywalker think Han Solo is the same guy in those “Indiana Jones trilogy of movies” as Han Solo in Star Wars? Hmm, I always thought it was William Shatner of Star Trek fame in that role Hans Solo to begin with?

Perhaps, too many Star Trek reruns and and the caped crusader of Batman and Robin is to blame for my winter movie blues. Until next time, that’s a wrap.

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